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bawat sandali na lang..

I'm loving yet another OPM band: Join The Club. I first heard their song "Nobela" on the radio but I didn't really like it until I heard it again on Trinka's blog. The message of the song is a little sad but I really like it. I bought their CD just a while ago and I must say their songs are very impressive. Now, this time I'm serious: their songs were written FOR ME. Haha. I'm loving My Way With You, Hayaang Maidlip and Nobela. I liked how they wrote their songs with a heart, not forced or stereotypical. Almost all their songs are about matters of the heart but it's not tiring to listen to them since the message they convey is not the usual sappy lines we hear on other songs, but the real ones, the ones which we really feel. I think my love for this band will go on.. I just hope they don't end up as another packaged-gwapo-pacute band like Hale.

Can you believe how lucky my feet are? First Happy Feet, and now these! It's the Skechers Bikers Sightsee and it's gorgeous. I loved it the first time I saw it but I didn't have enough money to buy them (after buying Happy Feet do you think I'm still stuffed with all the moola?!). I really wasn't supposed to buy them, instead I wanted this nice pair of Adidas shoes Alex was wearing yesterday. My dad and I frantically searched for every possible shoe store in Makati: Landmark, SM and Glorietta, yet we failed. No sight of that pair. And then I saw these again and I said: how can I resist NOT buying them? They have holes so that my feet can breathe (haha! A sentence I never thought I can say) and it comes in a cute color too. My mom used our Landmark gift check, and the rest as they say, is history. So there, I'm geared for the Science Congress. A cool new pair of shoes, a rocking bakya, nice pair of sunglasses and you've got yourself a superstar. Haha. Feeling.

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!! :) We first heard the results on the radio -- live and real. Dianne Castillejo was shouting and screaming and oh, it just feels so great! My mom and I were even praying and just seconds after saying "Amen," the referee declared Pacquiao the winner. I am SOOOOO PROUD. I'm not an avid boxing fan but you know how it is when it comes to big men like Manny Pacquiao: it's like everything stops and everyone is tuned in. I was even laughin because the streets were practically empty and all the sari-sari stores and carinderias were filled with people watching the delayed game on TV. It was such a nice feeling, knowing that everyone else is praying for Pacquiao's victory. And it makes me feel really glad that despite all the crises our country is suffering, we still cannot completely say being a Filipino sucks. Go PacMan! :D And btw, the economy is on a roll these days. I guess it's about time we all buy that Bayo shirt that says, "Pinay and proud!"

I'm doing this research on Paulinians since my groupmates decided to make a documentary about Paulies for Research. I wanted to really go back to my roots and trace all the famous Paulinians, and how good they have become in their fields. We are always inspired by Mrs. Crespo's stories during Bio class, about her students who are now big time reporters (Jennifer Alejandro) and company owners. I'm also looking at my mom's and tita's yearbooks and I can pretty much say nothing has changed -- Paulinians are always cheerful, warm, kind and simple. I wonder how our documentary will turn out? Oh well, I'll figure that out. Anyway, I was looking at my mom's high school pictures and I almost looked like her! Parang carbon copy (only my hair wasn't curled the Farrah Fawcett style :p). And she looked so beautiful wearing the Paulinian uniform: we were like sisters! Haha. I hope mom reads this. Hehe. :)

Oh darn, I want Cream-O.

"Hayaan mo na munang maidlip
At huwag mong isiping
balewala ka sa akin..
At kung magdilim huwag mong pansinin
Ang panaginip kong bitin
Na makapiling lang kita.."

-- Hayaang Maidlip by Join The Club