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friday the 13th.

Who said Friday the 13th was badluck for everyone? Certainly not for me. Today's supposed jinx definitely didn't do any harm on me and in fact, I was very lucky and happy today! Talk about the new Friday the 13th luck. I know the day is almost over but I still can't stop myself from counting all the good things that happened to me today. I want to disprove that superstition because that's what Geometry-loving babes like me do. Prove and disprove. Haha. Nyek, corny. :) Moving on to the list..

1. I saw the One Tree Hill commercial while eating breakfast! Woohoo.
2. The musical score of the commercial is "You and Me." :)
3. It didn't take me long to get a tricycle for school.:)
4. I was able to pay for the Science Congress already. Yipee!
5. I got 19/20 for our Biology test! Yaaay! My studying last night paid off. I usually get disappointed in Bio quizzes because it's either I review too much that I mix everything up or I review the wrong chapters! But today, I did quite well and I'm proud. Hooray for me
6. I was finally able to put the Similar Polygons in my system. Haha. I even had a "healthy" argument with Mrs. Santos. At least I participated even if I got the answer using the wrong solutions. Hehe
7. Our field demo practice in PE was grrrrrrreat! We were able to do our entrance, polish our steps and add new ones. I thought Ms. Gonzales was going to throw a fit because we have few steps and no tape yet. But today, she was actually nice and even made us laugh a lot.:)
8. I got a perfect score in our Soc Sci quiz! I didn't even review much. Well, actually I only got 18/20 but because of my accumulated pluses, I got a 20! Yaay!
9. Our practice for the Intrams was fun! We had our practice at the gym and we were able to execute the actions well. :)
10. I was finally able to eat one of my favorite after-school snacks again, the Koko Krunch cup from the Plaza. :)
11. When I reached home, I saw the OTH commercial again! :D

Sweet, right?

I'm so looking forward to the Science Congress on February 1-4. It would be another great opportunity to bond with my friends and co-Paulinians. Haay.. events like these always get me excited. I can imagine ourselves sneaking out in the middle of the night, waking up in the wee hours of the morning just to be first in the shower, finding lost food stubs, borrowing phone chargers, chatting in the dark using flashlights.. imagine a big sleepover! But of course it's not just about that. It's about representing the school and enriching ourselves more in the field of science. Naks. Can't wait.

I'm starting to love another new band: Switchfoot. I started listening to my mom's A Walk To Remember soundtrack for Dare You To Move and ending up loving their other songs like Only Hope! And I'm also a fan of Stars and You & Me. Wheee! You should listen to them. To say they're good would be an understatement. I'm thinking of downloading their songs for my iPod so that I'd have good new songs for the Intrams and the Congress! Hehe.

Recently, everyone's been feeling exhausted and I am no exception. Seriously, the changing of the schedules does not cut us some slack because it lengthens the practice time and blurs our mind because of confusion! At the end of the day we all look wasted and the fact that teachers and guards are yelling all the time is enough to make anyone go insane. By the fact you reach home, you're a hungry, sleepy and hot-headed creature, you suddenly don't feel like doing your assignments and all you want to do is just sleep. Yet, despite the lack of rest and review (for the quizzes and recitations! yikes) we all still manage to go to school the next day with a smile plastered on our face and new stories to tell. It's amazing. I myself wonder where I get all the strength to wake up early the next day despite only six hours of sleep. Hmm? Food for thought. Well, I do hope my body doesn't give up on me anytime soon because I can't afford to miss anything right now.

Haha sorry for the long post. I just feel like being madaldal today. Anyway, it's official: we're going to Bangkok again this summer! Woohoo!! I am SO excited! I can always go there because I love the place. We'll be staying in a cheaper hotel but still near the shopping places. I think this time we'll be near MBK (a big shopping mall) Oh yeah. Anyone want to make bilin? :) hehe. Got to run. Mwah.

"Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide"

-- Collide by Howie Day