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i take one step away..

and I find myself coming back..

The Intramurals last week was one HUGE ferris wheel ride. If you just know how many times I felt up and down, wow. I felt so dizzy (literally and emotionally) but all in all it was fun. Not as great as last year though. But I can pretty much say the concert was good. The Haler in me suddenly resurrected and for that one night I fell in love with Champ again. Honestly, I was wrong when I said they would be boring -- they rocked the gym! Anyway, the cheering and field demo was fun. We came in third, but so what? Congrats to the Orange team by the way, and to ALL the teams. It was fun knowing that whether you win or lose, we're all friends. :)

Sorry if I'm too tamad to explain every little detail. Don't worry though, I didn't get any injuries, not on my elbows and not on any part of my body, thankyouverymuch.

Do you know what day tomorrow is? WEDNESDAY and I'm LEEEEEEEAVING!!!! Woohoo! It's the start of the Science Congress and you bet I'm excited. I can't wait to get my ass out of school even for just a couple of days. My, my, my. This is fun! We'd be staying in St. Paul Bocaue until Saturday, and ooh I just can't wait! Haha. Well of course I'll miss my mom and dad. But it's about time we all have this little break from the usual classroom thing and explore and *ehem* learn in a more enjoyable way. Haha. :) Don't forget your iPods guys! Hehe

Just before going home, Nica, Mikka, Hope, Cars and I started reminiscing about our previous years. We missed St. Ann, Oour Lady of Peñafrancia and Our Lady of the Rosary SOOO MUCH. These were our sections (Year I, Grade 5 and Grade 4 respectively) together and were probably our best years because we were all classmates then. It was fun standing in the middle of the campus, talking about petty fights, snobs, crushes and barkada histories. I cannot believe how serious we took everything in back then when in fact it's nothing to us now. Like fighting because my friends got jealous when I asked another classmate to go with me to the clinic! Or playing witches and wizards in the middle of the Harry Potter craze. Haha. Everything started there I guess. My closest friends then are still my closest friends now. And though we have grown different, we grew together and our differences sort of binds us together. I feel so lucky because most of my classmates have drifted apart from their elementary chums, but mine are still the same crazy people I used to hang out with! :) Hehe. It's so nice to walk down memory lane these days, when everyone feels so pressured and confused. Remembering things like that makes me wonder, "What would happen years from now? Would a day just like this happen again, when we'd laugh at trigonometric functions and stupid recess games?" I guess I'll only know until more time flies and more life becomes history. Someday, it will come.. =]

I'm listening to this one song by Parokya ni Edgar. Some say the title is "Your Song" while some say "My One and Only You" I'm confused! Haha. But I do hope you've heard of this song. I'm currently loving it because it explains how I feel right now, about holding on to some things. I suddenly remembered this line from Vince's Life (the Summit book from Seventeen), when Vivian disagreed that when you love someone, you should free her. "If you love someone, you hold on with both hands and you don't let go. Not ever." But still when it's for the better.. it's not so bad. After all, no one ever said that when you let go you completely forget.

"Nobela" is still running inside my head though. Aaaaaaahh.

Me, Nica and Mikka just before entering the deadly-but-fun Inflatable.

Just try and figure out who the people are!

Aww. Beautiful. Taken on our corridor, Saturday afternoon.

"and forever layout infront of me
one smile then i died,
only to be revived by you.."

-- One and Only You by Parokya Ni Edgar