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ilang isaw pa ba ang kakainin, o giliw ko?

I want isaw. It's been quite some time since I last had one.

This past few days I have been thinking of lots of things and now that I have the opportunity to blog, my mind suddenly went blank. Haha. Weird. Anyway, I wouldn't want to dive into the whole drama-queen mode again so I might as well control myself and just let everything sink in first. I might say something I will regret so I'll just let things flow for a while.. haha. Labo.

The Intrams will officially start next week! Yipee. I've been tired these past few days because I've been going to Gatchalian everyday after school for the meeting-slash-get-togethers of the cheerdancers and cheerleaders. Seriously, pahirapan talaga but I don't mind because we've been making progress. So far, we're almost through and I swear it's good! You guys just have to wait and see. Hehe. :) To the P, to the I , to the N, to the K.. GO PINK! Woohoo!

I'm enjoying every bit of my Ultraelectromagneticjam CD. Of course the original versions are still better but the revivals are not so bad. I especially like Kitchie's version of Ligaya. I'm really loving the song right now! I can't get it out of my head.. LSS. And also Southborder's With A Smile. It's not that great but it is still something worth swooning over. Listening to the music of Eraserheads really makes me feel so.. good. There's just something about their songs that always makes me smile. Naaah. It's not too senti yet it's not mababaw either. Just the right amount of emo-ness. Haha. :p

Have you ever been SO addicted to something (or someone) that when it's taken away from you, you want to weep and die but there's nothing you can do because no one understands? That's the case with me and my favorite friend, the Jelly Tongue. I don't know what's up with Jelly Tongue, all I know is that I enjoy licking it until it's so gooey and soft that I have to bite it and oh God, just thinking about it makes me drool. The other day, as I approached the friendly manong in that musical Nestle mobile, all this excitement rushed in because it has been a long time since I last tasted a Jelly Tongue. And do you know how that friendly unknowing manong broke my heart?

"Iha, wala ng Jelly Tongue, hindi na sila gumagawa."

I WAS DEVASTATED. My world crashed into pieces I cannot even count anymore. No more Jelly Tongue? Why?! The last time I ate a Jelly Tongue was when I went to Nica's house and there were only a few pieces left. That was probably the last batch of Jelly Tongue in the area and I was actually lucky that I was able to buy it. But who knew that would be my last? I would be lucky if I chanced upon a few more JTs in some small stores but what if I don't? No more shaking-the-popsicle-stick-and-watching-the-Jelly-Tongue-wiggle times. I got so used to having one when I'm feeling down or empty, and now no more Jelly Tongues to make me feel better. :( Feels bad when you know you don't have the one thing that you can fall on to (okay I make it sound like my whole life depended on Jelly Tongue! Haha). Anyway my point is, it really is hard to let something we are used to having go. It's like giving up drugs when you're addicted. It's like putting down a stick of cigarette or a bottle of beer. And even though they're the smallest things, like Jelly Tongue in my case, they matter because they make you feel better. So what's a girl to do? I say get addicted to another thing. So I can't get myself Jelly Tongues anymore. But I can still get crinkles. And I LOVE crinkles. Those little pieces of heaven. Of course eating crinkles will never feel as good as licking Jelly Tongues but who says I can't enjoy? Life goes on, and I say move ahead but hold on. Hold on to things past because they bring you to the future. That's my new philosophy now. So I'll still think about Jelly Tongue sometimes but I'm okay with settling for crinkles. They're still yummy -- and cheap too! :)

I still have to make my dichotomous key for Bio. Sucks, right? Distribution of cards tomorow. Yikes! And by the way, just a few more days to go before the Congress! Super kaduper excited. Whoopee! :)

"And we had this down,
Unlike everybody.
Well I'll spend a million nights
Just like tonight, you know
I scream your name at the sky,
Until I lost my voice.
Well I'd give my life for you.."

-- Stay Tonight by Matchbook Romance