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I was browsing my old magazines-slash-newspapers stach when I came across this article from two years back. It was entitled Panacea. Panacea is a cure for almost anything, be it physical, emotional or mental pain. And seriously, who doesn't want to have one? I need a cure to all these craziness. I need something to just make me feel alright, make me feel okay. Sometimes I wish everything would just stop because these days, things are a blur. They just pass by -- swoosh! I wish there is such a thing as a real-life, can afford by student, within reach of everyone (especially me) kind of drug. Oh that would be superb! :)

Is Intrams really the Senti-slash-Chuba season?! It's like Cupid is shooting his aroows everywhere! And the ferris wheel ride is even entitled "The Lover's Wheel." Geez. The next thing you know there'll be a love boat in school! Haha. But you know it's fun seeing everybody in bliss. I mean, believe it or not it seems as if everyone is in tuned with everyone else. These days, walang masyadong petty fights or what. Then eveyone is bonding with everyone else, dancing, singing, eating. And you'll be surprised, one moment they're all in senti mode ("Pinaasa niya lang ako, l*cheng pag-ibig to..") and then the next we're all dancing! ("I'm just your average joe..") It really is fun. I hope it doesn't end so soon!

Tomorrow's the OFFICIAL star of Intrams. Yaaaay! Can't believe it. Tomorrow's the concert too. haha. Let's just wait and see how many people will come.. I mean, SAWA NA LAHAT SA HALE, eh. Just wish they'd sing Broken Sonnet. Maybe, that will make their gig okay.

BTW, I think I know what (or who? haha) my panacea is. TSUP. :p