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tick, tock, tick, tock.. BOOM.

New layout. I didn't really want to change the Naley one but I felt like it was time to move on.. naaah, drama. But seriously I made this as an "anniversary" layout since this February, Bombastarr will be celebrating its 1st Birthday! Yipee. I made this blog during my free time, telling myself that this would be my "secret" blog and no one else will know. It was supposed to be my back-up when I can't blog in my Geocities site. But because I eventually got tired of uploading my site every now and then, I decided to move back to Blogger, the user-friendly blog host. And the rest is history. My first few posts were even in text-from, Taglish and I swear I was always in a bad mood then. Hehe. But I can say my writing has improved (somehow) and I'm proud that after one year, many people have visited and praised my blog. Thank you, and much love to you all. :)

The Intramurals is really just around the corner. Only a few more weeks and it's heaven for us! Though practices are tiring and take forever to finish, I can say it's a bit fulfilling too, knowing that you're part of a team and all your hardwork will hopefully pay off in the end. I remember last year, I made lots of new friends from the Pink team. Though we're not close, it's nice to know that there are new faces and smiles you can see when you walk along the hallways. And the concert last year really rocked! I had an injury but I still sang on stage! Haha. And it was Rivermaya who played. This year, it's Hale *groans* and though most of you expected me to shout for joy, I didn't. I unfortunately grew tired of them. Somehow, they became this big gwapo boyband. Fame made them so "typical," the usual pogi lead singer, senti songs, the whole thing. And it's like a package deal already. I still like Broken Sonnet though but it really disappointed me that in a few months they changed. And now there are rumors that they will only sing four songs?! My god! And how much is the ticket?! I sure hope it's not true. Because that will SURELY make Paulinians go mad. Good thing there are rides for me to spend my money on (haha!) or else Intrams this year would really be corny. Oh well, let's just wait and see.

Got to go, One Tree Hill will be on in a few minutes! :)
Hugs for everyone! *huuuuuuuug*

"If a great wave shall fall, fall upon us all.. well, I hope there's someone out there who can bring me back to you.."