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finally, an okay day.

Today was the Medical-Dental check up for the CES communities and also the intraschool elimination of the Debate. Actually, I expected today to be boring but it actually turned out quite okay. I guess when you never expect things to happen, they do.

I got to talk with Sr. Cyril, one of my mom's former teachers in St. Paul Manila. I introduced myself and surprisingly, she still knows mom and also my tita. I also got to chat (and bond!) with my English teacher, Sir Catanghal. Honestly, I never thought we had so many things in common since he really looks so professional and all that. But I found out that he is an avid comics fan, he watches Fairly Odd Parents and Friends. Hehe. Everyone who helped for today's Free Medical-Dental checkup was able to bond with the teachers, and it was really, really fun singing & laughing with them as if they were just our titas and lolas. Hmm, there really is something more beneath those terror looks and voices. :)

I really didn't look forward to the debate since this is just actually my second formal debate and first time as a speaker. I was really, really nervous and so was Trixie and Hope. I was the first speaker (prime minister) and it was so overwhelming since everybody expects you to define terms well and consume the whole five minutes. It was soooo nerve-wracking. But guess what? I won Best Speaker! Twice! Yipee. I was so happy because it was my first time to be declared one and I really didn't expect it, what with all the stuttering and all. Our team won twice which means we'll be competing for the interschool competition. It's such an honor! Anyway, I'm really glad how everything turned out because now I know that joining the Debate Society paid off. Whew! Congrats also to Trixie (who won Best debater), Hope (enemy!) and our worthy opponents Cars, Nikki & Cecile, and Jaydee, Justin & Sofia.

I've been thinking about One Tree Hill day and night. You know how they say that you should be careful about wishing for something because it might come true? Well I wished to be Haley and now it's as if the series is unfolding right before my very eyes. Yeah, this is not an illusion! I AM becoming Haley (well except for the singing career and the Chris part). Batman, Nathan, Luke and all. My, my this is quite a surprise! Someone lost their trust, someone got disappointed, and someone just wants everything to go back to the way they were. It's funny in a sad sort of way actually. I don't know if I should be glad that life is one big Tree Hill for me or if I should feel crappy because now everything is so dramatic and soap opera-ish. But anyway, I hope one day I'll know "how a resurrection really feels," and I'll get Nathan back in no time. *wink*

All I really want is for someone to hold me,
and tell me that everything is going to be okay.