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following your bliss.

Karla --


A person who has the ability to be invisible

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

How I wish. How I wish i could just disappear when everything's a mess. Or when I feel like vanishing.. haha, trip! And besides, that's a pretty cool superpower! Don't you think? *poof*

OH MY GOSH WE HAVE LIMEWIRE!! Yes, we do! And right now I'm downloading Episodes 1-4 of Season 3!! I cannot believe it! Now it's really here. My dad brought it home last night. I think he got it from the office. Well, well, I got my wish fast. Does that mean I won't have a Christmas present from Santa? Oh I hope not. Geez, I guess I have to be extra nice this year. But hey, whatever. I HAVE LIMEWIRE!! And this makes me the happiest girl in the whole wide world!

I was watching Project:Runway on ETC this morning (it's a reality show for fashion designers) and this one quote really struck me. One contestant said that his philosophy in life is to follow his bliss. And I guess it just struck me because I expected him to say dream but he didn't. What is the difference anyway? Dreams make you happy, right? All throughout the show I was thinking about what he said. Follow your bliss. I thought, I thought and I thought. And I came to this: dreams are usually just our imaginations of what we want to happen to us. You know, owning a big company, marrying Prince William (haha!) , being the next rock star chick, those kind of stuff. And they're usually in the future. They're yet to happen. But your bliss is here, in the present. It's what makes you happy, what makes your heart skip a beat or your eyes sparkle. It's not just in our heads because it's here, right in front of us making us smile. So maybe that's the difference. And I realized it's not enough to just dream or be blissful. It is important to have both: happiness & contentment in life plus the imagination & determination to dream. For me, these are the ingredients of a happy ending. So I thought of a better philosophy in life: Follow your bliss to make your dreams come true. Now it sounds much better to me. =)

Another reason for me to be happy today is because I suddenly realized that things are going back to normal, somehow. I can't explain how or why, all I know is that I have a very good feeling about what's happening. And I'm just so happy. Thank you, thank you, Bescrush. Wink. ;)

I want to sleep. *yawn*

I just found at that there is a HUGE possibility that One Tree Hill might be cancelled. Oh my, just typing that breaks my heart. Anyway, this is due to the merging of two networks (which includes WB, OTH's network) and by fall it will have a new line-up of shows. Because of the drop in its ratings, OTH is on the edge of staying or cancellation. There is something we can do though. There is a petition that we can all sign to help convince the executives to let One tree Hill stay. You can also vote for OTH in a poll that shows the results to TVnetwork executives. And as a huge fan, I really, really, really want to ask you guys for help (especially the fans!). Come on, this is MY favorite show EVER and just the thought of losing it saddens me. I mean, not now, not when everything is going great especially between Nathan and Haley!! So please go here and here, sign the petition and vote. If you don't watch OTH, at least do it for me.. please? Pretty please? Help save One Tree Hill.

"You are the strength, that keeps me walking.
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting.
You are the light to my soul.
You are my purpose...you're everything."

-- Everything by Lifehouse

P.S. Don't push it. I only have one prince charming and his names starts with N. As in he's NATHAN. Nathan Scott. (Haha, funny but true.) So unless you know your name's Nathan, don't. Please. Just don't.