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when the stars go blue.

As I drink the last drop from last night's leftover Mocha Valencia, I once again feel heavenly. It's great to know that whatever happens there will always be a cup of Mocha Valencia to make me feel better. Oh sheer joy!

We have no classes today so I used my time in front of the computer making my first-ever professional (haha!) project as a webdesigner. I was asked by our campaign manager, Sir Santos, to make our party's official website. (Somehow typing that made me feel so important) Anyway, it's super simple and still under construction since all the platforms and plans are yet to be filled but hopefully, they'll like it. After all they requested for a simple one, and yes, simplicity is my virtue. So there. I'll give you guys the address later.

These past few days I've been drowning myself into the beauty of the music from the CD I asked Nica to burn for me. It contains all of my current favorite songs, from One Tree Hill tracks to signature senti songs to OPM (Nobela!!). And I'm loving it, really. It just makes me feel -- stable. I guess that CD is the soundtrack of my life because basically every good song that I love is there. Lucky me. I needed something to keep me sane and there comes that CD. I actually thought Nica already forgot about it but just this week she gave it to me, and who knew listening to it would actually make me feel connected? It calms me down, soothes my senses. Haha. Okay so that sounds sappy. Now it's great to know that whatever happens there will always be a cup of Mocha Valencia AND a soundtrack of my life CD to make me feel better. Wink, wink.

I just finished reading the book Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan and I must say it's Good with a capital G. It's a story about a gay high school boy named Paul who falls in love with a new guy named Noah. The story is just like any other teen romance novels only it's between two boys. For some, that would be crazy but actually for me it's really good. It opens your eyes to the reality that this world is changing, boys really do fall for boys and girls fall for girls as well. Basically, it's a simple story about love, friendship, family with a conventional little twist. It's not really bakla as in make-up and fashion, but just well, homosexual. You just have to be a little open-minded for you to appreciate the book well. I say read this if you: a.) can't watch Brokeback Mountain, b.) can't get enough of Brokeback Mountain, c.) are a fan of Will & Grace and Queer Eye or d.) just want to read something that will warm your heart. My rating? Four out of five.

I want Season 3 of One Tree Hill! Man, I cannot wait any longer. I cannot stand the fact that someone *ehem* is downloading it through Limewire and can watch the episodes with America while I can do nothing but WAIT. Simplicity may be a virtue but patience is not. Aaaah! I want -- no, no, I NEED to know what will happen to Nathan and Haley! This really is driving me crazy. I think now I understand completely what our Health teacher is talking about back when we were discussing drugs. You get addicted, and when it's taken away from you, you look for it, your body searches for it -- it's called WITHDRAWAL. People, you just witnessed the birth of a new syndrome: the OTH-withdrawal Syndrome.

I just love that picture (look up). I took that yesterday just before leaving for dinner. (We ate at the Jumbo Floating Kingdom, by the way) And once again, vanity takes over. Stop me before I become too conceited.

Oh I almost forgot that there's still school tomorrow. Well, I have to go.
Ciao, mi amigas.

"Oh honey I just can't get around it anymore
You make me feel like home is where you are
Baby I just can't run around it every morn'n
It's time that I believe it, home is where you are"
-- Songs in My Pocket by Bethany Joy Lenz