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at sa muli magbabalik sa 'tin ang lahat..

What do you get when you put together a beautiful song, an addicting TV series, a fun night at a friend's house, comforting hugs, tears, smiles, sweat, blood, all the time in the world (well -- almost), and a Karla?

You get a new and blissful layout.
I am back my dears. And yes, our exams are FINALLY over. Say goodbye to the long nights of cramming and the grueling battle with temptations (to computer and TV, of course!) because the school year is finally over. Well for the honor students, at least. We took the test first so we have a couple of weeks or so to enjoy the rest of the school year! Hooray!

I spent the last few hours doing this whole new layout. And it looks pretty cool to me. I think this is my favorite already. Remember how I said that I'm going to change the crappy one when I don't feel much like crap anymore? That was yesterday. Because yesterday, the skies were clear and I KNEW that things are finally good. I'm done with wishing because my wish is here right in front of me already: happiness. Thus came this layout. And for those who will ask, "Why Royal Hotness?" Because I'm a royalty *wink* and I'm hot *wink, wink!*

Speaking of heat, I suddenly remembered that in a few weeks' time the hard torches of the sun will shine for us again (haha, Dawn in the Heart of Africa) and once more, I will get heat stroke. Okay, so not the real one but something close to that. Yesterday the airconditioner in our room broke (yeah I know, what are the oods?!) and the temperature was thirty-something degrees. So you could just imagine the look and the smell of everyone! Haha. Ick. We were all so tired pa since we had PE and oh, it's just horrible. Don't get me wrong, I like sunny days I just don't like the heat that comes with it. It makes me feel so annoyed and pissed off and it puts me a bad mood. Oh well, glad I have my sunglasses and cap with me for the whole summer.

Went to Mikka's house yesterday and had dinner there. Totally enjoyed it. Love you, Hopefools! And our new friend (nyeh), Aica. Hehe. :)

Once again, Join the Club does its wonders. First, Nobela and now Lunes. I can't get it off my system! I never really appreciated the beauty of the song until I heard it a few days back. The melody and lyrics blended together so perfectly. The effect of the song is unexplainable. And listening to it just makes me drown in so much emotions. It is indeed a beautiful song. Bravo, Join the Club!

Nica surprisingly burned me Episode 13 of OTH and she was right: it is one of the best episodes! The thunderstorm weaved their stories together and it led to avery happy ending. I liked how things turned out, especially for Nathan and Haley. I guess you could say that episode matched perfectly with how I feel because almost everyone there was happy and things were finally okay. See how my life is turning out to be a big One Tree Hill scenario? :)

Apparently, someone has expressed his/her anger towards me because I post a lot of my pictures in my blog. Well my dear visitor let me tell you something: This is MY blog and I have the right to post and write whatever I want here. Though I respect your opinion, it won't change my perception of myself. And why hide in a pseudonym? Are you afraid that I will find out about you? Then you shouldn't go aroung bashing other people because you should look at yourself first. Who told you to come anyway? If you don't like it here, then just leave. And just so you know that I'm not mad at you, I have something for you:

Now, do you hate me more? :)

Sorry for the long and sabog post. That's what you get when you take me away from the computer for how many days. Hehe. Love to all who commented and tagged. I missed you! :)

"Unang araw naninibago pa't
sa pakiwari ay may katiyakan na
at sa isang iglap, mayroong magaganap
at sa muli magbabalik sa 'tin ang lahat.."
-- Lunes by Join The Club