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due to insistent public demand..

..(haha feeling!) I will blog today. And I come with a new layout.

Anyway, I really wasn't supposed to put this up until next week but I just couldn't wait. =) It features my two favorite people, Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill. It's a scene from Episode 8 (which is already one of my faves!) of Season 3. I used Adobe Photoshop for this once again, and I just played around with the brushes, gradient maps and blend effects. If you look closely, Nathan and Haley are the only ones in full-color in the picture, thus the title Just You And Me. I hope you guys like it because I really, really, really took the time to make this one look great. Comments would be greatly appreciated. =)

We went to Market! Market! again today and since I wasn't really in the mood to go shopping, me and my Kuya consumed our time in Timezone. Okay, laugh at me for saying this, but I'm not really the arcade-type of girl. I really don't spend my weekends shooting people or racing cars and winning tickets but today was really different. Because today I met Time Crisis. It really wasn't new to me since I played it (read: I was just shooting like crazy and didn't care who I killed, it was just for the sake of experience) before during Nica's birthday gig. Nevertheless, the thrill-seeking spirit in me found its way to that one corner and to my surprise I was actually kinda good at it. Good meaning I-lost-my-life-a-couple-of-times-but-I-was-able-to-finish-the-game good. Okay, so after about an hour and four to five swipes of the card later, we were able to finish Time Crisis 2! =) Of course, I couldn't have done it without Kuya, but still -- I felt quite triumphant already knowing that I don't play such games. Not bad for a first timer. After that I tried out Time Crisis 3 but couldn't continue playing because we ran out of money. Oh well. I'm looking forward to my next Timezone visit, though I'm not quite sure when that will be. *wink*

I wish it's Thursday already so that I can watch Scrubs. I just love it! Much better than other medical comedy shows, I swear.

These past few days I have been bonding with my iPod. It's been quite a while since I uploaded good songs in it! And it's all because of my new found friend, Limewire. Oh, my gratitude goes out to all the people behind it. I was able to download a lot of songs/podcasts from OTH and other local bands as well. I must say, this must be pretty great for my trusty mp3 player. I mean, I'm too lazy to rip CDs and transfer them but now, you could just imagine all the wonders Limewire can give me and my iPod! Okay, a little exaggerated, but I hope you get me. I love you Limewire! Without you my iPod would be half-dead and my need for OTH would not be satisfied. Hehe. =)

Speaking of good downloads from Limewire, I highly recommend the OTH Friends With Benefit Soundtrack! It features really good songs from really talented artists like Haley James-Scott (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Nada Surf. I especially liked the songs Always Love, 23, Halo, Feeling A Moment and Missing You. And oh, The Mixed Tape is one definitely catchy tune -- I'm having an LSS! But basically, everything is really good. All the minutes of downloading were worth it! By the way, in my previous post, I think some of you thought I wrote Halo because I said Haley James-Scott was me. I apologize. Actually Halo is a song performed by Haley James-Scott (played by actress Bethany Joy Lenz) for the series and the above-mentioned soundtrack. I guess the wishing-to-be-Haley part of me took over. Sorry. =)

I miss Mocha Valencia. Ever since I found out that it had a shot of liquor in it (which probably explains the feeling afterwards), I had to stop and so I have to wait for FOUR more years before I can fully and legally savor my favorite cup of coffee again. I feel like there has been a void in me looking for Mocha Valencia. I mean, it just tastes so good and it just makes me forget my problems for a little while. But then again, it's because of the liquor and God knows I don't want to be an alcoholic. This paragraph, I guess, is my tribute to my beloved drink. Until we meet again, my dear Mocha Valencia. So I guess I'm back to trusty old Mocha Frap or Iced Latte. Sigh. At least there's still coffee in it. =)

I'm tired. Want. To. Sleep. Zzzzzzzz.

"Don't ever feel that you're alone
I'll never let you down, I'll never leave you dry
Don't fall apart, don't let it go
Carry the notion, carry the notion back to me, to me...

Feeling the moment slip away
Feeling the moment slip away

Cause I'm just like you."
-- Feeling A Moment by Feeder