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George Bernard Shaw once said:
"There are two tragedies in life: One is to lose your heart's desire, the other is to gain it."

But Peyton said:
"Yeah, losing your heart's desire is tragic. But gaining your heart's desire? It's all you can hope for... And if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy. Because, I wouldn't give it back for the world."
Ahh..the tragedy of love. People around me who fall in love, unfortunately, almost always ends up in misery. It's sad to think that the most powerful thing in the world is the most painful thing as well. And it scares me to death, knowing that when you give your heart to someone, you will be left vulnerable: to hurt and to pain. So why do people fall in love then? Because, as what Peyton said, it's all we can hope for. I cannot say that I have never fallen in love, of course I did. And though it's not like the love you guys are thinking (puhleez I'm boyfriend-less and I'm not looking), but it's probably enough to be considered as giving your heart away. We all get hurt, tears always well up in our eyes. But why, oh why, do we keep on coming back to the one we love? This is probably one of the questions I will forever ask and will always ponder upon. Probably there's no answer to this one. I only know one thing: falling in love may be tragic, it may be sad, it may bring us painful memories and unbearable losses, but it does bring magic and color to our life. And though sometimes we must let go for a little while, we must not lose our hope, and thewillingness to wait for this "tragedy." Because once again, like what Peyton said: I wouldn't give it back for the world.

I'm currently in super emo mode. A while ago, I was singing along (with matching head bang and guitar strokes! haha) to Lunes, Nobela and other punchy senti-rock tunes in my iPod. For the first time in how many days, I was once again so drowned in my emotions for I felt like the songs were written for me. Maybe Join The Club and I have some common ancestral psychic abilities? Hmm? Well, whatever. Lunes is still running through my mind right now and I can go ballistic any minute. Aaaaahh! Where art thou, superhero?

Why do Blair and Nate breakup?! After everything being okay in the sixth book, things go berserk in the seventh -- again. I can't believe it. I actually thought they're gonna be perfectly in love once more and they'll be loyal, but oh crap, Nate gets all baked and he freakin' forgets about Blair. Argh! Now this is one of the things that make me go crazy (aside from OTH). It's the Gossip Girl series, and I can't help but feel so connecte with the characters, even though I'm not a rich-bratty heiress and I don't live in a luxe apartment/suite in New York City. If Haley is to One Tree Hill, then Blair is to Gossip Girl. Although I'm not as bitchy as her, we dream of the same things, we like the same kind of guys, we react in similar ways and we both wish for happy endings. I hope Cecily Von Ziegesar gives justice to Blair and finally bring her and Nate together for good. I mean, she's suffered so much and she's so in love with him! She may be stupid for always welcoming Nate back into her arms but I guess we can't blame her for not being able to let go. After all, Nate IS hot. *wink*

It's funny how the characters I can both relate to, Haley Scott and Blair Waldorf, fell for guys with the same name: Nathan. WHOA. What's this about Nathans all over being hot and sizzling?

Spread the love! I'm out. =)

I think I really do. Badly.

"People who are meant to be
always find their way in the end."