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and i'm still alive.

  1. I'm staying at my lola's for Holy Week.
  2. I'm at the local mall blogging.
  3. I brought my iPod with me..and it's filled with new songs! Oh yeah.
  4. I bought white eyeliner and some eye gloss. Haha. Bebot.
  5. My tita bought me a new book.
  6. Nica burned me episodes 11 - 17!! I'm too lazy to download in our PC and since she already downloaded every episode, I just asked her to burn it all so that I'd have something to watch here. (Thanks a LOOOOT, Nix! :p)
  7. I found out that Paramita's lead singer was a Paulinian from St. Paul Manila. Coolness! =)
  8. I saw the pics of Chad's new girlfriend (so much uglier than Sophia Bush!!), Hilarie Burton's husband (yep, they tied the knot since Season 2) and Bethany Joy Galeotti's hubby (lead singer of the band Enation). And I've got one word to describe all of them: ick.
  9. My grade in Bio increased by TWO points! Woohoo. And my fourth quarter grades are so much better than third quarter's. I'm proud of myself. Haha.
  10. April is about to end. That means it's almost May already..then it's June. Ahh! No!
  11. I'm really loving this show Coupling. It's like the British version of Friends. It's aired every Sunday night at Star World.
  12. We have Jack TV and Star World at my lola's house! Hello, hello, That 70's Show and Scrubs! =)
  13. I can't wait for Gossip Girl.
  14. I'm enjoying my new flipflops. *ehem, ehem*
  15. Nathan Scott is getting hotter and hotter every episode. Ahh! I love you, Nathan Scott! More than you'll ever know.

Aww. I love it. =)

"I'm two quarters and a heart down
And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds
These words are all I have so I'll write them
So you need them just to get by"

-- Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy