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karla and the city.

Okay, so far I've fooled three people already. =) Hehe.
Happy April Fool's Day, everybody!

For the past fourteen years, I have come to realize that there are two types of dreams: the one that can come true and the one that will forever be "just a dream." I mean sure, you can bombard me with all your "Dreams come true" sayings and whatnot, but I still believe that there are dreams that really cannot come true. Or is better off just being inside our heads. I have been experiencing a dream crisis (if you could call it that) because for the last few years I have NO idea as to what I want to be when I grow up. Okay to make it simpler: what course I want to take after high school. Sure I have my dream school (UP) but how am I supposed to get there if I don't know what course I should take? Thanks to the loving (haha) advice of my mom and titas and lolas and basically everyone else in the family, I've decided that I will take up Accounting. It's one of the most practical courses to take (I wouldn't dare take up Nursing no matter how much moola I can earn. I just can't take all the blood. Ick.) and the money doesn't hurt either. Besides my mom took it and my lola took it. It's also a good pre-law course and well, if after graduation and I decided to not continue law, at least I can be a CPA and earn a pretty good salary. And at least it's inclined to Math, which I love and not to Science, which I abhor. Haha. Of course, that still all depends if I can pass all the entrance tests and requirements but basically that's it. It's all laid down in front of me like a big blueprint and all I have to do is make it happen.

But you know what? I still have another dream. A dream that I know will only stay inside me and will probably never come true but thinking about it is just fun. I want to be a writer. I want to write about politics, our economy, the entertainment scene, myself -- everything. I want to be able to express my feelings on paper (or in my case, the computer) and share it with everyone else. My dream job is to work in a magazine or a newspaper, most probably in New York and I will write about life and everything else. My column will be named, "Karla and The City" or something like that. I'll live in a chic apartment and have my coffee at Starbucks every morning. I'll attend parties and people will approach me and praise me because they were able to relate themselves with my work. I'll be a critically acclaimed writer, and win awards and trophies. But I'll still be the simple girl that I am, meeting with my friends for lunch and talking about our lives. Basically life a la Carrie Bradshaw.

But let's get real, writers these days live a hard life. People are more interested with television and music rather than books. And not all of your works can be successful. It can be a drain to put yourself in a piece and end up being ignored by people. No offense to writers, but I've observed that it doesn't also promise a real and permanent salary. Let's face it, in this economy, you have to have real money with you, and sadly dreams are not enough to make everything happen.

So that is why I keep this blog. Because I know that there will always be a writer in me. I may not be the Carrie Bradshaw of the Philippines or anything like her, but I will always have this strong hold to writing thanks to my blog. Somehow, this blog will be the outlet for my "alternate dream" to shine and come true. So to all the visitors and the people who appreciate this blog, a huge Thank You goes out to all of you because somehow you make my dream come true. OKAY EXTREMELY MUSHY, but true. =)


Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon at Mikka's with Nica. We just basically slept, ate, talked and slept . If you're going to ask me what the hell is the point of going there if we're just going to bum around, well at least we were bored TOGETHER, not bored individually in our own houses. Haha. I seriously had fun. Nica and Mikka have been my really, really tight friends since the beginning of high school. I mean, sure we've been friends before but we never really clicked until freshman year. You know, the tropas and barkadas change but the three of us are still together. I think we're one unit already, like a family. Aww. =) Yuck. Hehe. Anyway, love to you guys. Mwah.

Total hotness! Ayayayayay!

"san ko hahanapin ang ating nakaraan?
ala-alang kay tamis at kay saya.
ang aking puso'y umaasa.. nananabik sa yo
di mapigil ang damdaming.. nababaliw sa yo.."

-- Takipsilim by Paramita