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love me=)

Happy Birthday Cars and Trixie!! Labyu!

Yaay! I'm here again! Hehe. And I'm back with a new layout. Man, I miss updating this blog. Anyway, I came home last Friday and boy, am I exhausted. All I wanted to do was lie down on my soft bed, eat delicious home-cooked food and take a bath with hot water. Whoo. The leadership was not so good compared to the previous years, but I can say it was okay. I made new friends from Thailand! And I'm going to call them when I go there! Hehe. Of course, I made friends in other schools as well. Okay so it was a pretty crappy training because of that boring speaker, but what the hell, it's still fun. =) Rating? Hmm. 6.5/10

About the layout..well, it's just simple (as usual) but I actually LOVE it! Haha. I was playing around Adobe again and I guess everything just fell into place. You know you love me is actually the title of the second Gossip Girl book, just for the information of everybody. I know it sounds mayabang, but hey! It's my blog. And besides, I know I'm lovable. HAHA. =)

I cannot believe I'm leaving on Tuesday. Wow. And then next week will be the youth camp for YFC. I really am a busy girl. Woohoo. Well at least I didn't waste my summer. Hehe.

I'm in section A!! =) Mom enrolled me last Thursday and I'm with ALL my friends! I am SO HAPPY! I bet this year is going to be a blast. Wow. I'm officially a junior. Some say it's hard, others say it's easy..well, it's up to me to find out, right? I just hope I can do better this year. I'm crossing my fingers! *wink*

I'm still feeling like crap so I'm not going to post a lot of pictures muna. Next time na lang. Missed you guys! Oh and by the way, I already updated the links. Please tell me if I made a mistake or if I still need to change a few things. Comments will be appreciated! Mwah! =)

Me and Neill before leaving.

Me and Trixie at the tent before dinner.

Me and Cathe before our presentation. Whee! =)

The Too-longs: Trix, me, Nica and Cathe =)

Neill and me with our Thai friend, Aom.

"You know I can't smile without you,
I can't smile without you,
I can't laugh and I can't sing,
I'm findin' it hard to do anything.."

-- Can't Smile Without You by Barry Manilow