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everyday is a sunday evening.

Sunday evening. It literally means the day before Monday, which is the day before school. Normally, a Sunday evening consists of crammed-up projects, last minute homeworks and quick reviews for a possible quiz. And you usually get this feeling of dreadfulness because you don't want to go to school the next day yet. We still want to enjoy the weekend and we feel like our "freedom" is about to end.

So this means that the term "Sunday evening" is a phrase we use when we are about to end a vacation or a trip and you feel bad because soon everything will go back to normal again. Peyton used this in an episode with the same title.

And right now, I feel like everyday of this week is a Sunday evening. Really. It's like the feeling of being in a room with a time bomb and you see the numbers slowly ticking away. You know that any minute now the thing will explode. And yes, I know that a week from now everything will go back to "normal" -- zit-causing quizzes, mind-boggling research work, the whole enchilada. And it sucks.

But of course, part of me is also excited. I mean, I'm a junior! This means that if Nathan Scott ever happens to drop by our school, asks me out and eventually asks me to marry him, this would be the perfect time since he and Haley got married when they were juniors. Haha. Talaga naman. But seriously, I am a bit eager to go back to school and start the school year because I'm with most of my friends! And they say that being in third year is one of the most important yet exciting part of your high school life. And finally I'll be seeing people already! You know, friends, classmates, the people we talk about (haha), the controversial people..everyone! Oh just thinking about them makes me look forward to going back already. So of course, I can't wait.

Moving on, I think I'm getting addicted to The Simpsons and The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy. I don't know why but I just love them! They really make me laugh, unlike the other cartoons which are just plain corny.These days my taste in television shows (with the exception of One Tree Hill) is more on the comedic side. I guess the happy spirit in me is coming out once again. Haha. Good for me, right? More endorphins on the way. =)

"I believe in abusing and exploiting the stupid"
I just looooove Mandy's sarcasm! Haha.


There'll be a Wonder Woman movie daw!! Can't wait!! Finally, time for my alter ego to shine. Woohoo! And also, I read somewhere that there'll be a Batman Vs. Superman movie. Ooh! I wonder who will win? Hmm. Go Batman! =)

Ooh. Exciting!

"Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head,
Over my head
With eight seconds left in overtime
She's on your mind
She's on your mind.."
-- Over My Head by the Fray


still in-loooooove.

Do you know Pocoyo? He's this character in Playhouse Disney and he is just the most adorable creature ever! He is soooooooo cute! Promise. Every time I see him on screen, I just want to hug him and squeeze him! And his laugh makes my heart melt. Really. Seeing him makes me feel like a kid again, you know, enjoying the simple things in life. Like appreciating the stars or befriending the animals. Sometimes, I tend to overlook these little things. I act like they don't matter anymore or that I can go on without them. But when I see Pocoyo, and all the other cute cartoon characters out there, they make these little things somewhat significant to me all over again. And it just feels good when you know that you don't have to look very far to have a smile on your face. =)

Aww. Isn't he the cutest little thing?!

Taylor Hicks won. And though I dislike him, I admit he really is a good singer. I really thinks he deserves the spot. But not as much as Elliott! I still can't over him. Hehe! =) So okay, another season of the most popular show to ever hit America (and the world -- I think) ends. And I must agree that this season was the best. Almost all of the finalists were really great, and unlike the previous years, this season was quite unpredictable. The line-up was awesome: everybody really had a chance of winning. And the featured musicians were great as well, like Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow. I just hope that they'll be successful with whatever paths they will take after AI because they all deserve a big break. Congrats Taylor! And to Katherine, too! And of course, to my Elliot Yamin! I still do love him.. haha.

Wow, I'm so excited about the upcoming blockbusters that just hit and will hit us this season! X-men, Spiderman, Superman.. oh! Superheroes galore. Of course, I am still madly in-love with Batman and my loyalty will remain with him, but who am I to miss the forthcoming flicks? It sucks though, that when cartoon or comic characters are turned into movies, they turn out to be suckier than everyone else expected. Isn't it? They sort of ruin the image and somehow end up ruining the plotline or something. It's much more exciting to see them in TV or read about them in the comics. But oh well, they're still good enough to watch, right? And more often than not, the superheroes are man-candy, so who's complaining?! =)

Still.. no matter how many other "men" I may like, there is still one guy that will always stay in my heart. And honestly, I couldn't believe that even after such a long time already, I'm still in love with him. Usually, I just get tired of my crushes but this time, he really hit me. And my love for him will prove that. I bet you already know who I'm talking about. He's Nathan. MY Nathan. Hayyy. I still am head-over-heels crazy in love with him. My heart beats for him.. and thinking about him just makes my adrenalines rush. So please, don't ever bother stealing him away from me, okay? =)

my Nathan Scott.

This shot was taken at the CW upfront (courtesy of DareToMove). And that look on his face? Oooh.. it sends shivers to my spine! And I'm sure that will be the exact same smile he'll be flashing on our wedding day, when I walk down that aisle. Waaaah! =)

I love you, Nathan Scott.
Always and forever. =)

"Let me feel, I don't care if I breakdown
Let me fall, even if I hit the ground
And if I cry a little, die a little
At least I know I lived, just a little.."
-- Let Me Fall by Bethany Joy Lenz


ohh be my baby.. i'll look after you.

I changed my layout -- again. Hehe. It's not that I don't like Marilyn anymore, in fact I still do looove her. I just didn't want to get tired of her. You know? I'll be seeing her for ten months (she's in my binder, remember?) and I don't want to lose my "interest" in her before school starts. Haha. Labo. Anyway, this new one is sort of Xanga-ish, don't you think? I experimented with the div layers and the stylesheet so I came up with this one. And it's based on one of my current favorite songs, which I mentioned before, Look After You by The Fray. You should listen to it! Promise. Super nice. And I like the couple in the pic, don't you? Sweet kasi eh. Haha.

I went to school again a while ago to prepare for the freshmen orientation, then we'll come back again for our final practice. Freshmen ha, we worked hard for your orientation! You should be thankful! Haha, joke. Feeling. Anyway, we had fun again, as usual. I'm not part of the SC (I'm part of the Cordiality) but I feel like I am because we're so bonded. We're always laughing and making kwento..we never run out of stories and gossip! Thanks to our very own Kris Aquino, Nica, who gathers her latest "information" on Friendster. Hehe. =) Planning for the orientation makes me want to go to school already. Sort of. Because I feel so grown-up already. You know this feeling of security that the freshmen can approach you because you already know how the things work in high school.. yung ganun. I feel that. So yun.. I hope I can deliver my talk well. Clubs and orgs..haha. Piece of cake -- hmm. =)

Just finished watching American Idol. And I honestly have this feeling that Taylor will win even if I don't like him. I mean the crowd and the judges LOVE him. It's like he gave a super great performance while Kat only gave a mediocre one. But still. I really don't like him. Sorry, Taylor fanatics, but I just can't put myself into accepting that Taylor will win. Ever since the beginning. I just really, really, really hate him. So though I know he has this huge possibility of winning the title, I still have this tiny piece of hope that Kat will. She looks so HOT. Really. Just looking at her pretty face makes me so jealous. Waaaah. =)

the McPheever! =)

News on our subjects: We both have Noli and El Fili books which means we'll be tackling Rizal all-year round! No more boring lessons about morpema, ponema, and all the shiznit. It just drives me crazy! Then it was confirmed that we'll be having Trigonometry (great news for math-nerd Karla.. haha). We'll still be having Algebra (insert great big smile again) and Chemistry will be our main Science subject, I think. Still not sure about the semestral Math and Science enrichments, and also on the extra subject for Pull-Out Fast. but we don't have Biology anymore! So yeeeeessssss! I suck at that eh. The second year daw will not have Geometry this year that's why when they reach their third year they'll be taking both Trigo and Geom. Waah, too bad for them, they won't be able to enjoy the beauty of Geometry. Haha, yuck and nerd ko na talaga. For first year naman, Consumers Math was changed to Business Math, and I don't think they have Intro to Bio because it was converted to Citology. Nyeeeh. That's it for now, I think.

So maybe you're all frowning at me because I sound like a complete Math geek. That's because I really am better at Math than Science. Really. I suck at Science, especially Bio. And besides, I enjoy Math more. That's why my "pang-hila" to my grades are the Math subjects because I really don't appreciate Science that much. Maybe Physics pa, because it has Algebra in it (di ba? the formulas and all) and Chem (sometimes, depending on the lessons) because we really don't memorize a lot of terms there (except for the ions) but Bio? Naaah. That's my weakest point. And besides, I'll be taking Accounting (hopefully) as my specialization in fourth year and my course in college so that's why I really have to love Math. Harhar. Does this make me a dweeb or something? =)

I'm crushing on Dr. John "JD" Dorian from Scrubs. He's played by Zach Braff. Of course, he's not as hot as Nathan, but he's really cute, especially when he acts so silly and confused. So adorable. =) Still, liking him doesn't make me want to take up medicine, nursing or any scientific field for that matter though. Haha.

Funny-looking talaga. Hehe. Cuuute.

I just read the most heart-breaking news: Ken and Barbie broke up. After 43 years of being together. Since 2004 pa. WOW. Shocking. And I thought they were the strongest couple in Hollywood (they're celebrities, right?). Hayyy.. why is everybody splitting up? Oh well. Read more about it here.

Have to go eat dinner. Mwah mwah! =)

"There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down"
-- Look After You by The Fray


have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

Heyy.. I'm back. I guess after the great news, I pretty much didn't have anything to talk about. Haha.

Yesterday, we went to the Mall of Asia. Yes, we went on the opening day and I was so.. disappointed. It was SO crowded and the people were so undisciplined. Some were stealing the flowers in front of the stores, yung mga welcome flowers. And it was so pathetic. I mean, they were trashing the place! And it was so noisy. Nakakasakit ng ulo. The place is sooooo big too and the moment I entered, I said to myself I want to go home right away. The only good thing that happened was that while my mom and I were in Penshoppe, Atom Araullo approached me! Haha! =) So cuuute. He asked me to join the game dun sa Penshoppe. I said no..but still! He approached me! He smiled at me! He touched me! Haha =) Atom Araullo. Hayayayay.

Now, do you recognize him?!
Totally cute in the pic.
Cuter in person! Hehe =)

Last Saturday naman, we went Blue Wave to get my caffeine fix at Starbucks and guess who I saw? 6Cycle Mind!! Haha. And Ney even smile at me. Oh yeah. But they were in a meeting of some sort, so I didn't bother taking a picture with them. Besides, they're not my "idols" naman..but hey! Ney smiled at me! That should be something right? =)

Okay so enough about the celebrity sight-seeings..

Elliott may not be in American Idol anymore, but he's still in my heart! So I decided to download his songs in Limewire. And boy, I miss him! Listening to him sing, especially "Open Arms", brings chills to my spine! Galing talaga grabe. Now between Taylor and Kat, I don't know who I like. I think Kat is hooooot and sexy, but I don't think she really has the AI material. And Taylor? I just don't like him. Period. So who will win?! To tell you honestly, I don't really care anymore. Haha. =) Basta, Elliott parin!

I'm starting to love two new songs I also downloaded from Limewire last Saturday. The first one is "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin. This was played in the ending montage of scenes in Episode 15 (Just Watch The Fireworks). This was the part where Whitey was watching himself in the time capsule. Anyway, I really liked the song because once again, Jack's Mannequin was able to weave wonderful music and words together through his amazing piano skills. I don't know how he does it, but everytime he strikes a key, there seems to be magic in his songs! I love him for it! =) And the other one is "Look After You" by The Fray. This song naman was played in the ending part of Episode 20 (Everyday Is A Sunday Evening), just after my Nathan scores the winning shot (and I love him for it!!). The message of the song is very, very nice. And both of these songs have been on repeat mode in my iPod. Haha. =) Super LSS. Anyway, I really think the music of OTH is one of the key elements to its success. The producers really try to match the songs with the scenes, to go well with the emotion of the show. Ahh..another great reason to love the show even more! =)

I miss OTH!!

So it has been almost a week since our maid went on a vacation, and it has been almost a week since I became a part-time Cinderella to our home. And honestly, I loved doing it. It made me feel important. I was doing the chores on my own. And take note: I had a knee casualty, so basically I was doing everything on one leg! Harhar. Well, impossible as it is, I was able to go through the week without any broken dishes or burning stove ranges or whatnot. I even had fairy godmothers in the form of my lolas who were constantly bringing in yummy food and helping out sometimes. It was fun actually, knowing that I serve a purpose in our home. I actually felt independent already! Congratulations to me, I guess. I'm just wondering though, if I was Cinderella for a week, when will my Prince Charming come?! Hmm.

Just finished watching Joan of Arcadia on ETC and I think I'm starting to like it. It's pretty cool that God finds ways to talk to her through different people. You know sometimes, I wish I was Joan so that when I start going to the wrong side of the tracks, someone will automatically be there to shake me out of it. You know what I mean? And suddenly watching the show makes me want to be a better person. =)

I think I'm addicted to Oprah. Haha. =)

By the way, I FINALLY uploaded our Thailand pictures!! Yes, I know, it has been a long time but I hope you guys check it out! It's in my Multiply. Comments would be very much appreciated. =)

Oh my. It's the 23rd tomorrow.
23!! Nathan Scott! =)

Haha. There I go again.
Love to all! Mwah, mwah.

"Slow down.. this night's a perfect shade of
Dark blue, dark blue
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room when I'm here with you
I said the world could be burning down
Dark blue, dark blue
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room well I'm here with you
I said the world could be burning 'til there's nothing but dark blue..
Just dark blue.."
-- Dark Blue by Jack's Mannequin


it's official!! oh yeah!

"Upstart netlet the CW will add just one new sitcom and one new drama to its first fall lineup, preferring to rely mostly on returning WB and UPN faves. "Girlfriends" spin off "The Game" and Darren Star drama "Runaway" scored series pickups, while the Kevin Williamson sudser "Palm Springs" -- ontap for midseason -- landed an eight-episode green light. Bubble shows "Veronica Mars" and "One Tree Hill" also made the cut, with full 22-episode orders."

-- source: OTHweb

One Tree Hill has been picked up for Season 4!! =) Yes!! This is so far, the best news I have ever received this summer! The moment I read it here and here, my heart flipped and for a moment there I think I had a heart attack. Haha. I am so HAPPY right now because for those who still don't know, I am obssessed with One Tree Hill and it's my number one favorite show of all time. So yeheeeey for me and the million OTH fans out there! Filming will start around July, I think, and hopefully the new season will air in late September or early October. Wow, just in time for my birthday. Can't wait!!! =)

Yesterday, I finished watching Season 3 and all I can say was OHMYGOSH. It was no doubt the best season yet. The last few episodes were filled with almost everything -- love, happiness, sadness, confusion, basketball and all the elements that makes it great. The season finale left me totally shocked and hanging. I'm tempted to tell what happened in the end but of course, I will not because that would ruin the surprise for everyone else. After seeing it, all I could say to myself was, "What's going to happen?" because honestly it stunned me. Really, it did. It really deserves another season. Thanks to all those who voted! =) And keep watching, okay?

Can he get any hotter?! I so ♥ love him.

By the way, I have a new layout -- in case you haven't noticed. It features the one and only, Marilyn Monroe. After that clutch-binder thing, I decided to make her the face of my blog as well. I really find people from their era very beautiful. And stunning. Like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. And Marilyn Monroe is just one of them. She is considered the "most phenomenal bombshell of all time" and one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She died at a young age (36) but she left a great mark in the history of the silver screen. And besides, she's hot. =) Hehe. Comments would be much appreciated. =)

Something happened to my knee and now I can barely walk. I've been hopping around all day yesterday since my right leg was basically useless. It hurts like hell when I bend and stretch my knee! And I'm home alone! I have to wash the dishes, clean the house, go up and down the stairs ON ONE LEG. So I went to the doctor yesterday and she gave me medicine and an ointment. Thankfully, the ointment did a pretty good job and now I can walk a little bit (though it still hurts). I hope this goes away by weekend because we're booked at a hotel and I want to go swimming! Waaah.

You know I miss a lot of people from school already. The people I used to hang out with every morning, the people I'm always with the whole day long, the people in my pull-out classes, the people in my section, the people in the corridor, the people in the other buildings.. basically everybody. And you know what's weird? I chat with these people on Y!M, I talk to them over the phone, I text them, I communicate with them on Friendster, I see them on their blogs.. I know what's been happening to them and how they are. And yet there is still something missing. I guess nothing really beats being with these people in person. I miss them A LOT! Can't wait to see them. =)

American Idol eliminations later. Oh I hope Elliott goes through the next round! He's amazing. He deserves to be in the finals. But you know how AI is, nothing is impossible, even the best people get voted out (read: Chris). Hayyy. Go Elliott Yamin! =)

"You ever heard the expression 'The best things in live are free'? Well that expression is true. Every once in a while, people step up they rise above themselves sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard but if you look close enough, you can find hope in the words of children, in the bars of the song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you're lucky, if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet,the person you love decides to love you back."
-- Nathan, One Tree Hill


astig maging paulinian! =)

Catherine Untalan is Miss Philippines - Earth 2006. She's beautiful and smart. And she's a Paulinian. A graduate from St. Paul College of Paranaque. OUR school. Wheeee! =) Astig! I remember her being the tall HS Student Council President when I was in 4th grade. She represented the school in Battle of the Brains (and we won!). When she speaks at the podium, everyone really listens. She owns the stage. Her charm and wit wins everyone's hearts. And that's exactly what she did last night at the pageant. We're not close, but I'm really proud of her, and I'm sure as hell that every other Paulinian out there is proud of her too. Congrats, Ate Cathy! =) By the way, her younger sister, Ate Mina (who's three years older than me) became my friend when we were both in the SC two years ago. I haven't seen her for a long time now, but if she ever comes across my blog (hehe), congrats to her, too! It must be great to have a sister like Cathy.

Wow. A beauty queen alumna. That rocks!

I already finished the GG book last Saturday. I know, I know. Corny because I finished it right away. But I'm really like this. When I REALLY like a book, I couldn't keep my hands off it. The book was not as wonderful as the other ones, but it was great. The story was still filled with intrigues and it left me with a LOT of questions. Now, I can't wait for the tenth one! I NEED to know what'll happen next!

Speaking of needing to know what happens next.. I'm dying to know what's going to happen in OTH! I already saw some pics from the last episode and I sort of know a lot of major details already but I want to watch it! I have to get the CDs from Nica as soon as possible! You're probably asking why don't I just download it from our Limewire. Eh kasi, Nica finished downloading it na, way ahead of me. So yun, instead of waiting for twenty hours, I just asked her to burn for me. Hehe. Anyway, the fate of One Tree Hill will be determined on May 18th so I'm still crossing my fingers for it! They must get picked up for a fourth season or else I will die! And a lot of fans will really get disappointed because the last episode left a lot of cliffhangers. Waaah. Can't wait!

Yesterday was fiesta day here in San Dionisio. It was really a grand celebration because our place only celebrated every other year. The people all flocked to the chapel yesterday morning for the eight o'clock mass. Natives, balikabayans, you name it, they were there. The rain didn't stop us from celebrating! The parade, the sunduan.. it was great. We had a heart lunch, cooked by my lola and my cousins and I just bonded. Then we went to the gym and watched the komedya. The komedya is this play that usually tells a story of a Christian - Muslim war. There are princesses and princes fighting for love and for their nation. I've always dreamt of playing a princess in the komedya because being one brings honor to your family. You'll be catapulted to superstar status (hehe) and of course, you will be a legend. The people will forever remember you as the "prinsesa" and trust me, they will NEVER forget. My ninong played the kontrabida in 2004's komedya, and trust me he got quite famous for his evil laugh. My mom says I should join when I turn 18 so that I'll be part of San Dionision's history, but I'm still thinking about it. I mean, I'm already a princess, right? Hehe. =)

Out of boredom, I watched an episode of The Jerry Springer show and I was disappointed with all the guests they had that were racists. One woman said she would rather let her child die than have a person from another race donate an organ. One man said that black people don't go to heaven. Another man said that people with different colored skin from him (he's white) are inferior to him. How pathetic can they be?! I was partly hurt because though I am not black, I do not belong to their race either. I do not have the same color as them. But really, does that make me less of a person? Does that make the African-Americans, the Asians, the Filipinos any different from them? Do they really think that having a fairer complexion makes them superior?! Wow. I cannot believe that there are still people like that in our world. I mean, come on. They should grow up! We are all created equal. God made us unique in our own way, but we are not superior or inferior to anyone else. We are all on the same level. We are ALL beautiful. Color or race does not determine our greatness. It's what's inside our hearts. It's saddens me that there are still a number of people who think that we (other races) are ugly. I just pray that one day, they'll wake up from their insanity and accept that though the whole world isn't like them physically, we are all one. We are all equal in God's eyes.

Beyonce Knowles is from the black race.
She's beautiful.

Zhang Ziyi is from the yellow race.
She's beautiful.

Karla Bernardo is from the brown race.
And she's beautiful. =)

Hehe. Okay, di kasama yung huli. =D But, you get my point, right?
Hayy. I want my Ate Marion's choco chip cookies! I'm addicted!
Oh and by the way.. I was able to open my Multiply again! Finally!
So I'll be uploading my pics there na.
Love to all. ♥

"You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you."

-- You're Beautiful by James Blunt


when dreams come true..

I was awoken by the sound of heavy rain on our roof and a stinky smell of what I thought was one of our dogs (which eventually turned out to be the smell of our breakfast. Ick.) I opened my eyes, said my morning prayer, turned over to face the side of the bed and there it was. On my bedside table. I've had it for hours already and still I could not believe that I am really staring at it in the flesh. "Is this really for real?" I asked myself. I reached for it and held it, stared at it for what seemed like forever, smelled it and hugged it as if it was a lost sheep that has been found. "It's real enough to read," I finally concluded. Then without wasting any more time, I opened it and picked up where I left off last night.

Just before you think I'm crazy, I'm going to tell you what it is.

It is the ninth book of the Gossip Girl installment, Only In Your Dreams.
Yeah, only in my dreams did I think that I'd be getting the book last night! =)

Forgive me for being so excited about this whole thing. This is how I feel when I strongly like a book. Really. I get all thrilled and enthusiastic, especially if it's a series I've been following. It's just that I still cannot imagine that I'd be having the book as soon as now. It's not even on display! It was at the back of all the other GG books on the shelf. And I just had to look behind them, even though I knew I probably wouldn't find anything new. But there it was. Behind "Nothing Can Keep Us Together" was the pink book with two girls on it. I just love life. =) Thank God for National Bookstore Glorietta.

Speaking of National Bookstore, Mom and I bought my school supplies as well. Notebooks, binders, ballpens. Ahh. The familiar scent of papers and the buzzing sounds of people around me made my heart beat faster. Shopping for school supplies is one of my favorite pre-school rituals. It always gets me excited. Anyway, most of you have probably seen my Marilyn Monroe clutch bag. Yesterday, as I was looking for the perfect binder for me, I saw one with the Beatles on it. It was a different kind of binder so I decided to take it since uso naman ang vintage. But then as I lifted the Beatles one, beneath it was a binder with Marilyn on it! And I said to myself, "This must be a sign!" or something like that. I mean, I used my MM clutch, then saw a MM binder. I just have to buy that! And believe me, it was adorable. So ayun. That's the story of my new binder notebook. =) And nga pala, I feel good because finally I have a good reason to buy myself a G-tec point 3. I just hope it'll not get lost or end up in the hands of nasty G-tec thieves.

my Marilyn Monroe clutch bag from Bangkok.

We watched Poseidon yesterday. GRABE. It freaked the hell out of me. Now I don't ever want to ride a ship, no matter how luxurious it is. I mean, really! I can sum up the movie in one word: WHOA. That was all I can say after watching. It wasn't very, very, very good, but it was an okay movie. Good enough to scare the hell out of me when it comes to ships. Hmm. Rating? 6.5/10

My cellphone looks so different now! I bought a new casing and a crystal case for me and my Mom (that's my Mother's day gift to her :p) and now, we have sosyal-looking phones. Hehe. My 7610 deserves it naman eh, because it's been with me for almost one year already. All those nights of unlimitexting, all those moments of vanity, all those AFV-worthy moments caught on video..my phone has been with me. Thank you, my dear cellphone. =)

Wow, it's raining really hard today. Does this really have to do with my em0-ness? When I feel emo, it always rains, and when it rains I'm always emo. Get it? haha. Whatever. Basta, umuulan and I feel so senti. Nyaaaak. Don't get yourselves wet, guys!

Pa-sideline lang. Nice ng glasses noh? =) EMO!!

By the way, Happy Mother's Day to all moms, grandmas, titas, ates and all those who have been moms in their own ways. =) Especially to my mom, who has been there for me all through out, from "storytelling before going to bed" times to the "reading fashion magazines before going to bed" times, from "sipping chocolate Birch Tree milk together" bonding to the "sipping coffee and hot chocolate together in Starbucks" bonding, from "wearing the same pajamas" nights to "wearing the same shoes" days. Just to name a few of the thousand moments my mom and I have shared over the past fourteen years. I LOOOOOOVE her, and no words are enough to express that. Kisses to you, Ma! Mwaaaah! ♥

We look like sisters. =)

"She used to be my only enemy and never let me be free
Catching me in places that I knew I shouldn't be
Every other day I crossed the line I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would become the friend I never had

Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All that you did was love

Mama I love you. Mama I care.
Mama I love you. Mama my friend.
You're my friend.."

-- Mama by Spice Girls


i find solace in rainy days.

I'm here blogging at my mom's office. A few hours from now, we'll be buying my school supplies. Waah! Now the countdown would really have to start. Hopefully, we'll be watching a movie too (Poseidon, I think) so at least we'll have a pre-Mother's Day bonding time. Hehe.

It's super duper rainy today. On our way to the office, the traffic was jammed, the raindrops were making loud noises on the car's roof and the feeling was so cold. But I like it. Somehow, the emo-ness of the rain makes me feel at peace. For most people, it brings them the blues, especially now, that most people are still ate the beach supposedly enjoying what's left of summer. But me, I really feel so happy when it rains. I don't know. What is it with rainy days and being in my mom's office in Makati that makes me feel so..relieved? Hmm.

"No matter where you sit in New York you feel the vibrations of great times and tall deeds, of queer people and events and undertakings."
-- Essays of E.B. White
E.B. White

Call me jologs but I really want to watch this show on GMA 7 called "I Luv NY" not because I like the stars in it, but simply because I'd looove to see New York. Man. I've been dreaming of going there since forever! The lights, the buildings, the people. For me, the atmosphere is unbelievably amazing. Almost all my favorite movies and books are set in the Big Apple. Breakfast At Tiffany's. An Affair To Remember. Sleepless In Seattle. Serendipity. Gossip Girl. Generation Girls. Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw, people!). The list goes on and on and on.. and with each and every book I've read and movie I've watched that had NY on it, I'd end up loving the place more. Haaay. One day, I will go to that place. I'll shop like crazy in Tiffany's, Barney's and all the other shops there. I'll read the New York Times every morning. I'll go up the Empire State Building. I'll see shows on Broadway. I'll see the Statue of Liberty. I'll go there and make it big. I'm not after Hollywood's stardom or Florida's sunshine. I'm after the adrenaline of the City That Never Sleeps. I want to be a part of it, New York, New York! =)

Sometimes fate finds a way to just bring you back. To places you thought you've left. To people you thought you've hated. To feelings you thought you've forgotten. To songs you thought will never make you feel the same way again. Broken Sonnet used to be my favorite song. It WAS the song of my life. The way it serenades my spirit everytime I hear it, the way it makes my heart flip everytime the words enter my ear, only Broken Sonnet can do that. But after Hale's super stardom status (because of the ear-deafening "The Day You Said Goodnight")and the birth of its boyband-slash-pacute package, I really started to dislike it bit by bit. And I thought, as I buried my love for Hale, I shall bury my love for their songs as well. Wrong. I may not like the band that much anymore, but hearing the song again disproved my statement. As I heard the first few notes of the song on my iPod (it was on shuffle mode), the memories came flowing back. The joy, the pain, the longing. And suddenly, I was in the past again. To the time when I hoped for love, for happiness. To a time that gave me hope that one day everything will be alright, everything I ever wanted would be mine again. The moment was so magical. The song brought me on a high. It was almost unexplainable. And as the song ended, I felt like I just crashed into a million tiny pieces. Sometimes I just have to accept the fact that there are some things you can never let go. Like Broken Sonnet. It IS and WILL ALWAYS BE my song. It is the song that best explains how I feel and how I will feel. Time may pass, people may leave, feelings may change, but Broken Sonnet will never leave me. It has left its mark and I am, forever branded. "Lie down, right next to me and I'll never let go."

Chris was voted out. NO!! He was one of my bets. The other one is Elliott. Go Elliott! I'm crossing my fingers for you. =)
Gotta go. Lotsa love. Mwaaaah! =)

"You stand in thelight just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee to go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carryin' on.."
-- Bad Day by Daniel Powter



One way, Jesus. You're the only one that I could live for!

I'm thankful that He found a way for me to join YFC. I never thought that three whole days with Him can change my life. I'm determined to be a better person. I'm willing to offer my life for Him. He is my life. He is my salvation. He is enough for me.

I am Your servant, You are my Master. Let Your will be done.
I'm in love with you, Jesus! ♥


Today I went to ATC with my tita and my grandparents (mom's side) to celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary. We ate at Dad's and got ourselves a free lobster stuffed toy. Haha. Then we went to National, then to PowerBooks (I bought a new book!! Whee!), had a sip at Starbucks then went home. We all looked at the developed Thailand pictures from our cameras. It was all so nice! Some were really funny, and some were just really beautiful. I still don't know where our camera is so I still can't post the pics here, but really, I'll ask my mom about it later.

Anyway, I'm currently reading The A-List by Zoey Dean. I've read reviews about it and it's recommended for Gossip Girl fans. I'm still not sure if it's as good as GG, but so far, so good. I forgot to tell you by the way, that while in Thailand, I grabbed myself a copy of Angels and Demons and it IS sooo great. I tell you, it is nothing compared to The Da Vinci Code. Nothing! It even actually made me examine myself and my faith after reading. I like books like that, you know, books that make you think. It doesn't matter if it's a chick-lit book like Gossip Girl or a classic novel like Angels and Demons, as long as it makes you think about yourself after you put it down. If it makes me survey myself, and makes me realize something about myself, then it's a good book. So I suggest to you my fellow bored-mates that you go to the nearest book stores and get the hang of reading because I tell you, it really does wonders for the mind, the heart and the soul.

To some, the countdown to the start of the school year and the end of summer already began. To me though, it is yet to start. I'm still on this "vacation feeling," believe it or not. I mean, for almost one month, I left the house every week! First, my Batangas stay for Holy Week. Second, the leadership training. Third, the Thailand trip. And fourth, the YFC Youth Camp. So basically, I've been on a packing-slash-unpacking state for four weeks! I was on a roll! I guess I'm getting used again to the typical without-nothing-to-do-and-bored-to-death days. Hayy. So there, that's pretty much how my summer went. On Saturday, we'll be buying school supplies already. Until then, my countdown to juniorhood would be at the back of my mind. Haha. =)

I'm a complete and total Batman fan, but I can't wait to see the Superman and Spiderman flicks! I think my love for superheroes are coming back again. The idea of being saved and rescued sounds so cool! On the other hand though, being able to have superpowers is pretty amazing too! Ah basta, superheroes..I'm not addicted, but I wish I could be one -- or have one at the very least! Haha =) Ay meron na pala, si Jesus. ♥

Dikitsies: Me, Nica, Aica and Mikka.

Go Tropapipz! With friends from our tribe, Tropang Ayagilam. =)

Ate Fhatz, Nica, me and Cocoy.

Aica, Mikka, Nica and I were all thinking of really corny and jologs pick-up lines during our breaks at the Youth Camp, and trust me, total laugh trip!

"Are you a crayon? Kasi you bring color to my life eh."
"Asthma ka ba? Kasi you take my breath away."
"Are you a puzzle? Kasi you complete me eh."
"Where's your tag? Coz I swear you're made in heaven."
"Here's something wrong with my eyes..I can't take them off you."

and the jologs-est of them all!!

Friend: "Nasan si [yung name ng crush mo]?"
You: "Nandito oh." *points to heart*

Waah! Super kajologsan to the highest level. =) Miss you, Dikitsies! Mwah.

ohyeaaaah. =)

"So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands
And pray to be only Yours
I pray to be only Yours
I know now You're my only hope."
-- Only Hope by Switchfoot
(song ko yan kay Jesus ♥)


going berserk.

I just finished watching PBB Teen Edition. Haay, grabe, call me jologs but I'm hooked! Gwapogi talaga ni Gerald!! Especially when he talks in that Taglish twang. Haha. I used to like Fred because he's macho, but I quickly got over him. Hehe! =) Gerald is cuter! And hey, he is waay cuter than Sam Milby. Plus what made me like him even more is that he plays basketball, and nung first night, the song that was playing when he was being introduced was "I Don't Want To Be," the theme song of OTH. Oh di ba?! But of course, my heart STILL belongs to Nathan Scott ♥ so to the hundreds thousands of Pinays drooling over Gerald, don't worry -- he's all yours. Crush lang naman eh. =)



OTH Season 3 is over. =( On May 18th, the results will come out. i hope they do get signed up for a fourth season.
Scrubs na! =) Toodles.
9:10 pm

It is SOOO hot. I hate it. When the sun is scorching hot outside, its rays peeping through the windows and doors, its heat entering every pore of my body..ack! I abhor it. It sucks. I want to take a bath -- again, and again, and again.

And when I feel so hot, my mind clouds, my eyes blur.
I go berserk.
Any minute now, I'll be similar to a wild animal who escaped from the zoo. Ack.
Hopefully not.

Yesterday, I went to the school for a meeting for the Freshman Orientation on the 26th. The SC and the Cordiality (ehem!) are tasked to take care of it. I'm supposed to talk about the Clubs and Orgs, which if you ask me, is pretty easy. Haha. Anyway, my mind immediately flashed two years back. Nostalgic-mode. I suddenly remembered my eager anticipation for the Freshman Orientation and the opening of classes. "I'm gonna be in high school! I'm gonna rock" I thought. I was counting the days before the start of my high school life. "Life's going to be great!" That was my mantra. I kept repeating to myself that I'm going to be a new person, have a new life, blah blah. Everything would be just like in the movies, chick-flicks and all. I was so excited. But now? I don't know. I'm not sure if I really "rocked" the way I was supposed to, or if life really turned out to be something great. I've had my ups and downs, but nothing spectacular like what you see in the cinemas. All I know for sure is that, high school is one huge rollercoaster ride. It can make you throw up, gag, or even want to jump off the track. But what sucks is that we're all strapped in our seats, and it's either we curse and hate it for life, or just scream our lungs out and enjoy what's left of the ride. Only a few more weeks to go. Waaaaaah.

Tomorrow, I'll be leaving again for the YFC Youth Camp with the Hopefools. =) Trix invited us and of course, who are we to say no to God?! It's about time we do what we have to do and profess our love to the One who deserves it the most. Amen! ♥

The number of people who've had their hands on the May ish of Candy has freakishly doubled over the last few days. Whoooooa.

Jack's Mannequin is love. ♥

Fall Out Boy is looove. ♥♥

Jimmy Eat World is looooooooove. ♥♥♥

(Photos courtesy of this site. These shots were all captured when the artists performed at Tric, the local all-ages club from One Tree Hill =p)

23 is the only thing that keeps me sane right now. No one else will have me like it does. Man, I love that song. Jersey number pa ni Nathan. Aaaaaayyyy! =)

Much love goes out to Cars for the gorgeous blinkies she made for me! =) Bombastarr-ific. ♥

"It's been fifty years, fifty long years since I've done this. Looking back on what I said all those years ago, all the hopes and dreams I had, I've come to the conclusion that if having things turn out the way you wanted them to is the measure of a successful life, then some would say that I'm a failure. The important thing is not to be bitter over life's disappointments. Learn to let go of the past. And recognize that every day won't be sunny, and when you find yourself lost in the darkness and despair remember it's only in the black of night you see the stars. And those stars will lead you back home. So don't be afraid to make mistakes, or stumble and fall, cause most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you'll get everything you wish for. Maybe you'll get more than you ever could have imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination."

-- Coach Whitey Durham from OTH


just so you know..

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Still too tired to blog about Thailand though. Words are not enough to EXPRESS everything about it! All the elephants, the shopping sessions..aaah! Just thinking about it just makes my heart flip. =) In other words, I'm in love with Thailand (with Bangkok most especially)!! I'm planning on posting a photo blog (because I freakin' forgot my Multiply password..harhar) here, but I haven't been able to upload the photos yet, so wait wait muna. =)

One fine day, I was browsing through the pages of my favorite local magazine Candy, when I came across the question "Who's the Hottest Boy On the Planet?" and obviously my mind, my heart and my soul suddenly turned into Nathan-mode. Of course, Nathan Scott is THE hottest (sizzling!) guy in the planet -- well in my planet, at least. I immediately sent my entry and attached my photo and eventually forgot about it. I mean, seriously, I wasn't expecting it to be published or anything.

Until NOW.

Who's the hottest boy on the planet?
Nathan Scott (played by James Lafferty) because he's sooo cute, he's a great basketball player, and he loves Haley to death. Now that's hot! :)
-- Karla Bernardo

There it is. May 2006 issue of the most popular teen magazine in the Philippines, my face and my answer was PUBLISHED. Yes. Published. Printed. On paper. For everyone to see. On page 74. So does this make me a published writer? Haha. As if. And now, I don't know if I'm supposed to feel happy or embarrassed with this whole thing. I mean, my face and my name staring at me on a magazine! Edi alam na ng buong mundo na adik ako kay Nathan!! =) Then again, why should I be ashamed?! I'm in LOOOOOVE with Nathan Scott! And the world needs to know that! =) I have the right to claim him to myself! I just wish I sent a much prettier photo. Hardy harhar! Next thing you know, I'll be the cover girl. Then a superstar. Haaayy. Kapal. Well just get yourself a copy (nyak, feeling artista!!) na lang. Oh! The crazy things one does for love. I love you, Nathan Scott!!

Another huge surprise:

Gossip Girl #10: Would I Lie To You

Aah!! I cannot believe it! The ninth book hasn't even been released, and now the tenth one comes along! Wowness. Hail thee, Cecily Von Ziegesar. I can't wait!! Hmm..I wonder why that's the title. I smell controversy! Oh gosh. I know I love Gossip Girl.

On May 3 (that's tomorrow Philippine time) the third season of One Tree Hill will finally end. Waah!! =( It was the best season ever, I swear. I've read a couple of spoilers and it just makes me want to cry because..well, I'm not going to spill the details! All I know is that OTH will be on a season break and will hopefully be back this fall (around September). However, as I've told you before, OTH is still on the verge of cancellation (see Feb26 post) so there's a fifty-fifty chance that they'll be back for a fourth season. So I'm asking for your help again. Please, please, please help me save my favorite show EVER by voting here and here. One vote would be greatly appreciated by me, and of course all the other OTH addicts out there =)

My mom's calling me na. PC time over. Ciao, ciao! =) Missed you guys!

"It was her and me
Waltzing in our heads
All by ourselves
And as she passed me by
I could see it in her eyes
Everywhere she goes, she goes there knowing
I just wanna be with her.."

-- Everywhere She Goes by Across The Sky