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everyday is a sunday evening.

Sunday evening. It literally means the day before Monday, which is the day before school. Normally, a Sunday evening consists of crammed-up projects, last minute homeworks and quick reviews for a possible quiz. And you usually get this feeling of dreadfulness because you don't want to go to school the next day yet. We still want to enjoy the weekend and we feel like our "freedom" is about to end.

So this means that the term "Sunday evening" is a phrase we use when we are about to end a vacation or a trip and you feel bad because soon everything will go back to normal again. Peyton used this in an episode with the same title.

And right now, I feel like everyday of this week is a Sunday evening. Really. It's like the feeling of being in a room with a time bomb and you see the numbers slowly ticking away. You know that any minute now the thing will explode. And yes, I know that a week from now everything will go back to "normal" -- zit-causing quizzes, mind-boggling research work, the whole enchilada. And it sucks.

But of course, part of me is also excited. I mean, I'm a junior! This means that if Nathan Scott ever happens to drop by our school, asks me out and eventually asks me to marry him, this would be the perfect time since he and Haley got married when they were juniors. Haha. Talaga naman. But seriously, I am a bit eager to go back to school and start the school year because I'm with most of my friends! And they say that being in third year is one of the most important yet exciting part of your high school life. And finally I'll be seeing people already! You know, friends, classmates, the people we talk about (haha), the controversial people..everyone! Oh just thinking about them makes me look forward to going back already. So of course, I can't wait.

Moving on, I think I'm getting addicted to The Simpsons and The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy. I don't know why but I just love them! They really make me laugh, unlike the other cartoons which are just plain corny.These days my taste in television shows (with the exception of One Tree Hill) is more on the comedic side. I guess the happy spirit in me is coming out once again. Haha. Good for me, right? More endorphins on the way. =)

"I believe in abusing and exploiting the stupid"
I just looooove Mandy's sarcasm! Haha.


There'll be a Wonder Woman movie daw!! Can't wait!! Finally, time for my alter ego to shine. Woohoo! And also, I read somewhere that there'll be a Batman Vs. Superman movie. Ooh! I wonder who will win? Hmm. Go Batman! =)

Ooh. Exciting!

"Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head,
Over my head
With eight seconds left in overtime
She's on your mind
She's on your mind.."
-- Over My Head by the Fray