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going berserk.

I just finished watching PBB Teen Edition. Haay, grabe, call me jologs but I'm hooked! Gwapogi talaga ni Gerald!! Especially when he talks in that Taglish twang. Haha. I used to like Fred because he's macho, but I quickly got over him. Hehe! =) Gerald is cuter! And hey, he is waay cuter than Sam Milby. Plus what made me like him even more is that he plays basketball, and nung first night, the song that was playing when he was being introduced was "I Don't Want To Be," the theme song of OTH. Oh di ba?! But of course, my heart STILL belongs to Nathan Scott ♥ so to the hundreds thousands of Pinays drooling over Gerald, don't worry -- he's all yours. Crush lang naman eh. =)



OTH Season 3 is over. =( On May 18th, the results will come out. i hope they do get signed up for a fourth season.
Scrubs na! =) Toodles.
9:10 pm

It is SOOO hot. I hate it. When the sun is scorching hot outside, its rays peeping through the windows and doors, its heat entering every pore of my body..ack! I abhor it. It sucks. I want to take a bath -- again, and again, and again.

And when I feel so hot, my mind clouds, my eyes blur.
I go berserk.
Any minute now, I'll be similar to a wild animal who escaped from the zoo. Ack.
Hopefully not.

Yesterday, I went to the school for a meeting for the Freshman Orientation on the 26th. The SC and the Cordiality (ehem!) are tasked to take care of it. I'm supposed to talk about the Clubs and Orgs, which if you ask me, is pretty easy. Haha. Anyway, my mind immediately flashed two years back. Nostalgic-mode. I suddenly remembered my eager anticipation for the Freshman Orientation and the opening of classes. "I'm gonna be in high school! I'm gonna rock" I thought. I was counting the days before the start of my high school life. "Life's going to be great!" That was my mantra. I kept repeating to myself that I'm going to be a new person, have a new life, blah blah. Everything would be just like in the movies, chick-flicks and all. I was so excited. But now? I don't know. I'm not sure if I really "rocked" the way I was supposed to, or if life really turned out to be something great. I've had my ups and downs, but nothing spectacular like what you see in the cinemas. All I know for sure is that, high school is one huge rollercoaster ride. It can make you throw up, gag, or even want to jump off the track. But what sucks is that we're all strapped in our seats, and it's either we curse and hate it for life, or just scream our lungs out and enjoy what's left of the ride. Only a few more weeks to go. Waaaaaah.

Tomorrow, I'll be leaving again for the YFC Youth Camp with the Hopefools. =) Trix invited us and of course, who are we to say no to God?! It's about time we do what we have to do and profess our love to the One who deserves it the most. Amen! ♥

The number of people who've had their hands on the May ish of Candy has freakishly doubled over the last few days. Whoooooa.

Jack's Mannequin is love. ♥

Fall Out Boy is looove. ♥♥

Jimmy Eat World is looooooooove. ♥♥♥

(Photos courtesy of this site. These shots were all captured when the artists performed at Tric, the local all-ages club from One Tree Hill =p)

23 is the only thing that keeps me sane right now. No one else will have me like it does. Man, I love that song. Jersey number pa ni Nathan. Aaaaaayyyy! =)

Much love goes out to Cars for the gorgeous blinkies she made for me! =) Bombastarr-ific. ♥

"It's been fifty years, fifty long years since I've done this. Looking back on what I said all those years ago, all the hopes and dreams I had, I've come to the conclusion that if having things turn out the way you wanted them to is the measure of a successful life, then some would say that I'm a failure. The important thing is not to be bitter over life's disappointments. Learn to let go of the past. And recognize that every day won't be sunny, and when you find yourself lost in the darkness and despair remember it's only in the black of night you see the stars. And those stars will lead you back home. So don't be afraid to make mistakes, or stumble and fall, cause most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you'll get everything you wish for. Maybe you'll get more than you ever could have imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination."

-- Coach Whitey Durham from OTH