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have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

Heyy.. I'm back. I guess after the great news, I pretty much didn't have anything to talk about. Haha.

Yesterday, we went to the Mall of Asia. Yes, we went on the opening day and I was so.. disappointed. It was SO crowded and the people were so undisciplined. Some were stealing the flowers in front of the stores, yung mga welcome flowers. And it was so pathetic. I mean, they were trashing the place! And it was so noisy. Nakakasakit ng ulo. The place is sooooo big too and the moment I entered, I said to myself I want to go home right away. The only good thing that happened was that while my mom and I were in Penshoppe, Atom Araullo approached me! Haha! =) So cuuute. He asked me to join the game dun sa Penshoppe. I said no..but still! He approached me! He smiled at me! He touched me! Haha =) Atom Araullo. Hayayayay.

Now, do you recognize him?!
Totally cute in the pic.
Cuter in person! Hehe =)

Last Saturday naman, we went Blue Wave to get my caffeine fix at Starbucks and guess who I saw? 6Cycle Mind!! Haha. And Ney even smile at me. Oh yeah. But they were in a meeting of some sort, so I didn't bother taking a picture with them. Besides, they're not my "idols" naman..but hey! Ney smiled at me! That should be something right? =)

Okay so enough about the celebrity sight-seeings..

Elliott may not be in American Idol anymore, but he's still in my heart! So I decided to download his songs in Limewire. And boy, I miss him! Listening to him sing, especially "Open Arms", brings chills to my spine! Galing talaga grabe. Now between Taylor and Kat, I don't know who I like. I think Kat is hooooot and sexy, but I don't think she really has the AI material. And Taylor? I just don't like him. Period. So who will win?! To tell you honestly, I don't really care anymore. Haha. =) Basta, Elliott parin!

I'm starting to love two new songs I also downloaded from Limewire last Saturday. The first one is "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin. This was played in the ending montage of scenes in Episode 15 (Just Watch The Fireworks). This was the part where Whitey was watching himself in the time capsule. Anyway, I really liked the song because once again, Jack's Mannequin was able to weave wonderful music and words together through his amazing piano skills. I don't know how he does it, but everytime he strikes a key, there seems to be magic in his songs! I love him for it! =) And the other one is "Look After You" by The Fray. This song naman was played in the ending part of Episode 20 (Everyday Is A Sunday Evening), just after my Nathan scores the winning shot (and I love him for it!!). The message of the song is very, very nice. And both of these songs have been on repeat mode in my iPod. Haha. =) Super LSS. Anyway, I really think the music of OTH is one of the key elements to its success. The producers really try to match the songs with the scenes, to go well with the emotion of the show. Ahh..another great reason to love the show even more! =)

I miss OTH!!

So it has been almost a week since our maid went on a vacation, and it has been almost a week since I became a part-time Cinderella to our home. And honestly, I loved doing it. It made me feel important. I was doing the chores on my own. And take note: I had a knee casualty, so basically I was doing everything on one leg! Harhar. Well, impossible as it is, I was able to go through the week without any broken dishes or burning stove ranges or whatnot. I even had fairy godmothers in the form of my lolas who were constantly bringing in yummy food and helping out sometimes. It was fun actually, knowing that I serve a purpose in our home. I actually felt independent already! Congratulations to me, I guess. I'm just wondering though, if I was Cinderella for a week, when will my Prince Charming come?! Hmm.

Just finished watching Joan of Arcadia on ETC and I think I'm starting to like it. It's pretty cool that God finds ways to talk to her through different people. You know sometimes, I wish I was Joan so that when I start going to the wrong side of the tracks, someone will automatically be there to shake me out of it. You know what I mean? And suddenly watching the show makes me want to be a better person. =)

I think I'm addicted to Oprah. Haha. =)

By the way, I FINALLY uploaded our Thailand pictures!! Yes, I know, it has been a long time but I hope you guys check it out! It's in my Multiply. Comments would be very much appreciated. =)

Oh my. It's the 23rd tomorrow.
23!! Nathan Scott! =)

Haha. There I go again.
Love to all! Mwah, mwah.

"Slow down.. this night's a perfect shade of
Dark blue, dark blue
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room when I'm here with you
I said the world could be burning down
Dark blue, dark blue
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room well I'm here with you
I said the world could be burning 'til there's nothing but dark blue..
Just dark blue.."
-- Dark Blue by Jack's Mannequin