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just so you know..

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Still too tired to blog about Thailand though. Words are not enough to EXPRESS everything about it! All the elephants, the shopping sessions..aaah! Just thinking about it just makes my heart flip. =) In other words, I'm in love with Thailand (with Bangkok most especially)!! I'm planning on posting a photo blog (because I freakin' forgot my Multiply password..harhar) here, but I haven't been able to upload the photos yet, so wait wait muna. =)

One fine day, I was browsing through the pages of my favorite local magazine Candy, when I came across the question "Who's the Hottest Boy On the Planet?" and obviously my mind, my heart and my soul suddenly turned into Nathan-mode. Of course, Nathan Scott is THE hottest (sizzling!) guy in the planet -- well in my planet, at least. I immediately sent my entry and attached my photo and eventually forgot about it. I mean, seriously, I wasn't expecting it to be published or anything.

Until NOW.

Who's the hottest boy on the planet?
Nathan Scott (played by James Lafferty) because he's sooo cute, he's a great basketball player, and he loves Haley to death. Now that's hot! :)
-- Karla Bernardo

There it is. May 2006 issue of the most popular teen magazine in the Philippines, my face and my answer was PUBLISHED. Yes. Published. Printed. On paper. For everyone to see. On page 74. So does this make me a published writer? Haha. As if. And now, I don't know if I'm supposed to feel happy or embarrassed with this whole thing. I mean, my face and my name staring at me on a magazine! Edi alam na ng buong mundo na adik ako kay Nathan!! =) Then again, why should I be ashamed?! I'm in LOOOOOVE with Nathan Scott! And the world needs to know that! =) I have the right to claim him to myself! I just wish I sent a much prettier photo. Hardy harhar! Next thing you know, I'll be the cover girl. Then a superstar. Haaayy. Kapal. Well just get yourself a copy (nyak, feeling artista!!) na lang. Oh! The crazy things one does for love. I love you, Nathan Scott!!

Another huge surprise:

Gossip Girl #10: Would I Lie To You

Aah!! I cannot believe it! The ninth book hasn't even been released, and now the tenth one comes along! Wowness. Hail thee, Cecily Von Ziegesar. I can't wait!! Hmm..I wonder why that's the title. I smell controversy! Oh gosh. I know I love Gossip Girl.

On May 3 (that's tomorrow Philippine time) the third season of One Tree Hill will finally end. Waah!! =( It was the best season ever, I swear. I've read a couple of spoilers and it just makes me want to cry because..well, I'm not going to spill the details! All I know is that OTH will be on a season break and will hopefully be back this fall (around September). However, as I've told you before, OTH is still on the verge of cancellation (see Feb26 post) so there's a fifty-fifty chance that they'll be back for a fourth season. So I'm asking for your help again. Please, please, please help me save my favorite show EVER by voting here and here. One vote would be greatly appreciated by me, and of course all the other OTH addicts out there =)

My mom's calling me na. PC time over. Ciao, ciao! =) Missed you guys!

"It was her and me
Waltzing in our heads
All by ourselves
And as she passed me by
I could see it in her eyes
Everywhere she goes, she goes there knowing
I just wanna be with her.."

-- Everywhere She Goes by Across The Sky