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ohh be my baby.. i'll look after you.

I changed my layout -- again. Hehe. It's not that I don't like Marilyn anymore, in fact I still do looove her. I just didn't want to get tired of her. You know? I'll be seeing her for ten months (she's in my binder, remember?) and I don't want to lose my "interest" in her before school starts. Haha. Labo. Anyway, this new one is sort of Xanga-ish, don't you think? I experimented with the div layers and the stylesheet so I came up with this one. And it's based on one of my current favorite songs, which I mentioned before, Look After You by The Fray. You should listen to it! Promise. Super nice. And I like the couple in the pic, don't you? Sweet kasi eh. Haha.

I went to school again a while ago to prepare for the freshmen orientation, then we'll come back again for our final practice. Freshmen ha, we worked hard for your orientation! You should be thankful! Haha, joke. Feeling. Anyway, we had fun again, as usual. I'm not part of the SC (I'm part of the Cordiality) but I feel like I am because we're so bonded. We're always laughing and making kwento..we never run out of stories and gossip! Thanks to our very own Kris Aquino, Nica, who gathers her latest "information" on Friendster. Hehe. =) Planning for the orientation makes me want to go to school already. Sort of. Because I feel so grown-up already. You know this feeling of security that the freshmen can approach you because you already know how the things work in high school.. yung ganun. I feel that. So yun.. I hope I can deliver my talk well. Clubs and orgs..haha. Piece of cake -- hmm. =)

Just finished watching American Idol. And I honestly have this feeling that Taylor will win even if I don't like him. I mean the crowd and the judges LOVE him. It's like he gave a super great performance while Kat only gave a mediocre one. But still. I really don't like him. Sorry, Taylor fanatics, but I just can't put myself into accepting that Taylor will win. Ever since the beginning. I just really, really, really hate him. So though I know he has this huge possibility of winning the title, I still have this tiny piece of hope that Kat will. She looks so HOT. Really. Just looking at her pretty face makes me so jealous. Waaaah. =)

the McPheever! =)

News on our subjects: We both have Noli and El Fili books which means we'll be tackling Rizal all-year round! No more boring lessons about morpema, ponema, and all the shiznit. It just drives me crazy! Then it was confirmed that we'll be having Trigonometry (great news for math-nerd Karla.. haha). We'll still be having Algebra (insert great big smile again) and Chemistry will be our main Science subject, I think. Still not sure about the semestral Math and Science enrichments, and also on the extra subject for Pull-Out Fast. but we don't have Biology anymore! So yeeeeessssss! I suck at that eh. The second year daw will not have Geometry this year that's why when they reach their third year they'll be taking both Trigo and Geom. Waah, too bad for them, they won't be able to enjoy the beauty of Geometry. Haha, yuck and nerd ko na talaga. For first year naman, Consumers Math was changed to Business Math, and I don't think they have Intro to Bio because it was converted to Citology. Nyeeeh. That's it for now, I think.

So maybe you're all frowning at me because I sound like a complete Math geek. That's because I really am better at Math than Science. Really. I suck at Science, especially Bio. And besides, I enjoy Math more. That's why my "pang-hila" to my grades are the Math subjects because I really don't appreciate Science that much. Maybe Physics pa, because it has Algebra in it (di ba? the formulas and all) and Chem (sometimes, depending on the lessons) because we really don't memorize a lot of terms there (except for the ions) but Bio? Naaah. That's my weakest point. And besides, I'll be taking Accounting (hopefully) as my specialization in fourth year and my course in college so that's why I really have to love Math. Harhar. Does this make me a dweeb or something? =)

I'm crushing on Dr. John "JD" Dorian from Scrubs. He's played by Zach Braff. Of course, he's not as hot as Nathan, but he's really cute, especially when he acts so silly and confused. So adorable. =) Still, liking him doesn't make me want to take up medicine, nursing or any scientific field for that matter though. Haha.

Funny-looking talaga. Hehe. Cuuute.

I just read the most heart-breaking news: Ken and Barbie broke up. After 43 years of being together. Since 2004 pa. WOW. Shocking. And I thought they were the strongest couple in Hollywood (they're celebrities, right?). Hayyy.. why is everybody splitting up? Oh well. Read more about it here.

Have to go eat dinner. Mwah mwah! =)

"There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down"
-- Look After You by The Fray