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One way, Jesus. You're the only one that I could live for!

I'm thankful that He found a way for me to join YFC. I never thought that three whole days with Him can change my life. I'm determined to be a better person. I'm willing to offer my life for Him. He is my life. He is my salvation. He is enough for me.

I am Your servant, You are my Master. Let Your will be done.
I'm in love with you, Jesus! ♥


Today I went to ATC with my tita and my grandparents (mom's side) to celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary. We ate at Dad's and got ourselves a free lobster stuffed toy. Haha. Then we went to National, then to PowerBooks (I bought a new book!! Whee!), had a sip at Starbucks then went home. We all looked at the developed Thailand pictures from our cameras. It was all so nice! Some were really funny, and some were just really beautiful. I still don't know where our camera is so I still can't post the pics here, but really, I'll ask my mom about it later.

Anyway, I'm currently reading The A-List by Zoey Dean. I've read reviews about it and it's recommended for Gossip Girl fans. I'm still not sure if it's as good as GG, but so far, so good. I forgot to tell you by the way, that while in Thailand, I grabbed myself a copy of Angels and Demons and it IS sooo great. I tell you, it is nothing compared to The Da Vinci Code. Nothing! It even actually made me examine myself and my faith after reading. I like books like that, you know, books that make you think. It doesn't matter if it's a chick-lit book like Gossip Girl or a classic novel like Angels and Demons, as long as it makes you think about yourself after you put it down. If it makes me survey myself, and makes me realize something about myself, then it's a good book. So I suggest to you my fellow bored-mates that you go to the nearest book stores and get the hang of reading because I tell you, it really does wonders for the mind, the heart and the soul.

To some, the countdown to the start of the school year and the end of summer already began. To me though, it is yet to start. I'm still on this "vacation feeling," believe it or not. I mean, for almost one month, I left the house every week! First, my Batangas stay for Holy Week. Second, the leadership training. Third, the Thailand trip. And fourth, the YFC Youth Camp. So basically, I've been on a packing-slash-unpacking state for four weeks! I was on a roll! I guess I'm getting used again to the typical without-nothing-to-do-and-bored-to-death days. Hayy. So there, that's pretty much how my summer went. On Saturday, we'll be buying school supplies already. Until then, my countdown to juniorhood would be at the back of my mind. Haha. =)

I'm a complete and total Batman fan, but I can't wait to see the Superman and Spiderman flicks! I think my love for superheroes are coming back again. The idea of being saved and rescued sounds so cool! On the other hand though, being able to have superpowers is pretty amazing too! Ah basta, superheroes..I'm not addicted, but I wish I could be one -- or have one at the very least! Haha =) Ay meron na pala, si Jesus. ♥

Dikitsies: Me, Nica, Aica and Mikka.

Go Tropapipz! With friends from our tribe, Tropang Ayagilam. =)

Ate Fhatz, Nica, me and Cocoy.

Aica, Mikka, Nica and I were all thinking of really corny and jologs pick-up lines during our breaks at the Youth Camp, and trust me, total laugh trip!

"Are you a crayon? Kasi you bring color to my life eh."
"Asthma ka ba? Kasi you take my breath away."
"Are you a puzzle? Kasi you complete me eh."
"Where's your tag? Coz I swear you're made in heaven."
"Here's something wrong with my eyes..I can't take them off you."

and the jologs-est of them all!!

Friend: "Nasan si [yung name ng crush mo]?"
You: "Nandito oh." *points to heart*

Waah! Super kajologsan to the highest level. =) Miss you, Dikitsies! Mwah.

ohyeaaaah. =)

"So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands
And pray to be only Yours
I pray to be only Yours
I know now You're my only hope."
-- Only Hope by Switchfoot
(song ko yan kay Jesus ♥)