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still in-loooooove.

Do you know Pocoyo? He's this character in Playhouse Disney and he is just the most adorable creature ever! He is soooooooo cute! Promise. Every time I see him on screen, I just want to hug him and squeeze him! And his laugh makes my heart melt. Really. Seeing him makes me feel like a kid again, you know, enjoying the simple things in life. Like appreciating the stars or befriending the animals. Sometimes, I tend to overlook these little things. I act like they don't matter anymore or that I can go on without them. But when I see Pocoyo, and all the other cute cartoon characters out there, they make these little things somewhat significant to me all over again. And it just feels good when you know that you don't have to look very far to have a smile on your face. =)

Aww. Isn't he the cutest little thing?!

Taylor Hicks won. And though I dislike him, I admit he really is a good singer. I really thinks he deserves the spot. But not as much as Elliott! I still can't over him. Hehe! =) So okay, another season of the most popular show to ever hit America (and the world -- I think) ends. And I must agree that this season was the best. Almost all of the finalists were really great, and unlike the previous years, this season was quite unpredictable. The line-up was awesome: everybody really had a chance of winning. And the featured musicians were great as well, like Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow. I just hope that they'll be successful with whatever paths they will take after AI because they all deserve a big break. Congrats Taylor! And to Katherine, too! And of course, to my Elliot Yamin! I still do love him.. haha.

Wow, I'm so excited about the upcoming blockbusters that just hit and will hit us this season! X-men, Spiderman, Superman.. oh! Superheroes galore. Of course, I am still madly in-love with Batman and my loyalty will remain with him, but who am I to miss the forthcoming flicks? It sucks though, that when cartoon or comic characters are turned into movies, they turn out to be suckier than everyone else expected. Isn't it? They sort of ruin the image and somehow end up ruining the plotline or something. It's much more exciting to see them in TV or read about them in the comics. But oh well, they're still good enough to watch, right? And more often than not, the superheroes are man-candy, so who's complaining?! =)

Still.. no matter how many other "men" I may like, there is still one guy that will always stay in my heart. And honestly, I couldn't believe that even after such a long time already, I'm still in love with him. Usually, I just get tired of my crushes but this time, he really hit me. And my love for him will prove that. I bet you already know who I'm talking about. He's Nathan. MY Nathan. Hayyy. I still am head-over-heels crazy in love with him. My heart beats for him.. and thinking about him just makes my adrenalines rush. So please, don't ever bother stealing him away from me, okay? =)

my Nathan Scott.

This shot was taken at the CW upfront (courtesy of DareToMove). And that look on his face? Oooh.. it sends shivers to my spine! And I'm sure that will be the exact same smile he'll be flashing on our wedding day, when I walk down that aisle. Waaaah! =)

I love you, Nathan Scott.
Always and forever. =)

"Let me feel, I don't care if I breakdown
Let me fall, even if I hit the ground
And if I cry a little, die a little
At least I know I lived, just a little.."
-- Let Me Fall by Bethany Joy Lenz