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when dreams come true..

I was awoken by the sound of heavy rain on our roof and a stinky smell of what I thought was one of our dogs (which eventually turned out to be the smell of our breakfast. Ick.) I opened my eyes, said my morning prayer, turned over to face the side of the bed and there it was. On my bedside table. I've had it for hours already and still I could not believe that I am really staring at it in the flesh. "Is this really for real?" I asked myself. I reached for it and held it, stared at it for what seemed like forever, smelled it and hugged it as if it was a lost sheep that has been found. "It's real enough to read," I finally concluded. Then without wasting any more time, I opened it and picked up where I left off last night.

Just before you think I'm crazy, I'm going to tell you what it is.

It is the ninth book of the Gossip Girl installment, Only In Your Dreams.
Yeah, only in my dreams did I think that I'd be getting the book last night! =)

Forgive me for being so excited about this whole thing. This is how I feel when I strongly like a book. Really. I get all thrilled and enthusiastic, especially if it's a series I've been following. It's just that I still cannot imagine that I'd be having the book as soon as now. It's not even on display! It was at the back of all the other GG books on the shelf. And I just had to look behind them, even though I knew I probably wouldn't find anything new. But there it was. Behind "Nothing Can Keep Us Together" was the pink book with two girls on it. I just love life. =) Thank God for National Bookstore Glorietta.

Speaking of National Bookstore, Mom and I bought my school supplies as well. Notebooks, binders, ballpens. Ahh. The familiar scent of papers and the buzzing sounds of people around me made my heart beat faster. Shopping for school supplies is one of my favorite pre-school rituals. It always gets me excited. Anyway, most of you have probably seen my Marilyn Monroe clutch bag. Yesterday, as I was looking for the perfect binder for me, I saw one with the Beatles on it. It was a different kind of binder so I decided to take it since uso naman ang vintage. But then as I lifted the Beatles one, beneath it was a binder with Marilyn on it! And I said to myself, "This must be a sign!" or something like that. I mean, I used my MM clutch, then saw a MM binder. I just have to buy that! And believe me, it was adorable. So ayun. That's the story of my new binder notebook. =) And nga pala, I feel good because finally I have a good reason to buy myself a G-tec point 3. I just hope it'll not get lost or end up in the hands of nasty G-tec thieves.

my Marilyn Monroe clutch bag from Bangkok.

We watched Poseidon yesterday. GRABE. It freaked the hell out of me. Now I don't ever want to ride a ship, no matter how luxurious it is. I mean, really! I can sum up the movie in one word: WHOA. That was all I can say after watching. It wasn't very, very, very good, but it was an okay movie. Good enough to scare the hell out of me when it comes to ships. Hmm. Rating? 6.5/10

My cellphone looks so different now! I bought a new casing and a crystal case for me and my Mom (that's my Mother's day gift to her :p) and now, we have sosyal-looking phones. Hehe. My 7610 deserves it naman eh, because it's been with me for almost one year already. All those nights of unlimitexting, all those moments of vanity, all those AFV-worthy moments caught on video..my phone has been with me. Thank you, my dear cellphone. =)

Wow, it's raining really hard today. Does this really have to do with my em0-ness? When I feel emo, it always rains, and when it rains I'm always emo. Get it? haha. Whatever. Basta, umuulan and I feel so senti. Nyaaaak. Don't get yourselves wet, guys!

Pa-sideline lang. Nice ng glasses noh? =) EMO!!

By the way, Happy Mother's Day to all moms, grandmas, titas, ates and all those who have been moms in their own ways. =) Especially to my mom, who has been there for me all through out, from "storytelling before going to bed" times to the "reading fashion magazines before going to bed" times, from "sipping chocolate Birch Tree milk together" bonding to the "sipping coffee and hot chocolate together in Starbucks" bonding, from "wearing the same pajamas" nights to "wearing the same shoes" days. Just to name a few of the thousand moments my mom and I have shared over the past fourteen years. I LOOOOOOVE her, and no words are enough to express that. Kisses to you, Ma! Mwaaaah! ♥

We look like sisters. =)

"She used to be my only enemy and never let me be free
Catching me in places that I knew I shouldn't be
Every other day I crossed the line I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would become the friend I never had

Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All that you did was love

Mama I love you. Mama I care.
Mama I love you. Mama my friend.
You're my friend.."

-- Mama by Spice Girls