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even though this is clearly impossible, it's amazing.

What happens when two people find that time is an obstacle to their growing affection?

Mom and I watched "The Lake House" today. And oh man, was it sweet. She's from the future, he's from the past. I must agree with some of the critics, that it lacks a little bit of heat and the ending was a little too soon or late or just plain hanging. But what I loved about it was that no matter how messed up it was, or how weird it ended, it still works. Trying to figure out how everything happened and how it all ended would probably get you nowhere. Don't be too logical about it because you'll fail. But what the heck -- the story was great. And I must admit, Keanu was hot! Throw in Sandra Bullock and you've got amazing chemistry. Honest. =) Go and see it. I give it an 8.

Some reviews on The Lake House:
"Fantasy and sci-fi experts may quibble with the question of alternative realities when people tinker with a world outside time. After all, even in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, J.K. Rowling made sure Harry and Hermione did not use their Time-Turner to alter the appearance of what happens. But such objections are for people who think with their heads. The Lake House is all about heart."
-- Nancy Churnin (Dallas Morning News)

"Enough of the plot and its paradoxes. What I respond to in the movie is its fundamental romantic impulse. It makes us hope these two people will somehow meet."
-- Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-times)
Anyway, I think I'll be having a short hiatus. It's getting really, really hard to update this thing every week, more so everyday because our load gradually increases. And as they all say, third year life is the hardest. I can't afford to sacrifice my grades over updating this blog on a regular basis. Of course I will still post from time to time, and no, I will not abandon it. I just don't think this blog would be one of my priorities right now. I hope you all understand, I'm trying to make a change this year, and sacrificinga lot of things is one of them. I will always have this passion for writing. Not blogging doesn't mean I have to stop. My new Sleeping Beauty notebook will do for now. Thank you to all my loving commentors. Every kind word you said, every bit of encouragement you gave me made me a happy and stronger in a way. And to all my visitors and readers, though you don't comment or tag, I still appreciate the fact that yospend your time reading my blog, and hopefully enjoyed it.

Haha, I sound like I'm going to be gone forever.
I'll be back, don't worry. I just really have to do this.

And yes, I am and always will be Mrs. Nathan Scott.
That will never change. =)