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first two days on a brand new planet.

I'm officially a Junior!
I belong to III - St. Christina and our adviser is Miss Bautista. Yaaay! =)

So far things are going great. Teachers, classmates, classroom, subjects, quizzes (yes, can you believe it?!) and almost everything there is in our class. Our adviser actually celebrated her birthday already today, and though we're still not super close..we decided to buy her a cake as a gift, to show her that we love her already! =) Hehe. And guess what? Mrs. Fragante is our level coordinator again! She handled us in our first year, and yes, we do love her to bits! I remember having a "crush" on her handwriting because it's so beautiful and super nice. Promise. She made me fall in love with Math even more in our Year I Algebra class. I super miss her already! =)

Anyway, we don't have Trigonometry. =( Only Intermediate Algebra. Apparently, the school changed the curriculum so now, we only have one Math subject and two Sciences (for Pull Out Fast) instead of two Maths and three Sciences. It's good news I guess, but I was really looking forward to Trigo. Oh well, at least our teacher is Mrs. F!! Yaay! =) And then things are pretty much "messed up" because Ms. Toledo is our English teacher (she's our former Physics teacher) and Sir Santos teaches Physics (former Cons Math teacher)! Haha. Well, at least Miss Toledo pa rin. Go Toledudes!

So anywaaay.. how is Junior life so far? Not that I can say much because it has only been two days.. but to tell you honestly, I feel like we've been going to school for weeks already! Feeling normal na lahat. Maybe because we're already friends with all our classmates and we're bonded already. And besides, I'm with my friends! How can I NOT feel okay? It's great that everytime a teacher says something funny or a weird comment, I can just turn my head, look at either Trixie, Mikka or Nica and share a laugh. Not like before na I have to wait until recess or lunch pa. Hehe. There are already the normal kulitans, asarans..the usual classroom bonding stuff. It's great actually! Oh yeah, I love my section already! =)

My assignment notebook has a big 23 written on it pala. O diba, instant inspiration?
Haaayayay.. I love you Nathan Scott! *touches ear* Wink. ;)

Holy Spirit mass tomorrow. May the Holy Spirit guide us this school year so that we may all be able to make the best out of it. =)

Still have to go and research about St. Christina. Love to all, mwaaah! =)

"So come back down from your daydream high
Lost for words when you sympathize
There's a million ways to believe you tried
Well I'm unsatisfied.."

-- Unsatisfied by Nine Black Alps