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just dropping by. haha

Club promotion today. And yes, the Debate Society was FULL! Woohoo! We had to close our registration because of the overflowing number of students signing up, mostly freshmen. Yaay! At least, the DebSoc is not dying. Haha. I guess I would have to thank my crown (those who have seen me would know what that means!) and of course the charisma and confidence I got from the past year in DebSoc. Yes naman, super loyalista ng debate. Hehe.

Super tired, and super wasted already! The other day we had the physical fitness test (which I obviously suck at -- except maybe the curl-ups because I got 23! Haha) and we have lots of things to do already.. it's only two weeks and yet I feel like we've been going to school for months! Waaah. Is this really how junior life is like? Not one day without anything to do. But in all fairness, I'm trying to be more responsible by finishing all my homework, doing all my projects and fixing my things on time. Haha.

I guess I have to go since I'm determined to be "more responsible."
Just wanted to update this thing.
Looooove to all.