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thank God it's finally friday.

It's just the first week but a LOT of things already happened. Our adviser, Ms. Bautista unfortunately had to resign because of some family matters so now we have Ms. Napoles but that's still not sure. Our English, Physics and Chemistry teachers are still not permanent as of the moment. Nyeeeh. Anyway, currently enjoying the junior life. So far I'm getting good scores and I'm honestly having fun. And thank God for Nescafe Ice! The perfect drink for the psycho in me. Hehe. I loooove it. =)

Every Friday, we have Chemistry TRIPLE period. Imagine that! THREE TIMES longer than the other subjects. That's crazy right?! One hour a day from Monday to Thursday and three straight hours on Friday which means SEVEN HOURS of Chemistry a week. Oh, pure bliss -- not. And I thought two-hour THE classes was long enough already.

Speaking of double period THE, a while ago we were able to watch A Walk To Remember during THE class. And to tell you honestly, though I've seen it before it still made me cry a little bit. Whoever said that Titanic was the only movie that has this "effect" on people most ceratinly hasn't seen this movie yet. And what really, really striked me was that Landon and Jamie were very similar to Nathan and Haley! As in the whole bad-boy-fell-for-good-girl kind of thing. And I swear it made me feel kilig all over again! =) Stop me before I become all mushy again.

"As Lovers Go" is still my current LSS.
Though The Fray songs are on repeat mode in my iPod. =)

And oh, I really don't like the whole Brangelina thing. I still think Jennifer Aniston is the perfect Mrs. Pitt. Their divorce actually made Brad lose some major pogi points for me. Anyway, I'm looking forward to "The Breakup" which stars Jen and Vince Vaughn. I think it's cute. And also "The Lake House" starring Sandra Bullock and Keannu Reeves. Sweeeet. Long list of movies ahead of me this time of year. Oh yeah, babeh.

Bethany Joy Galeotti, the actress who plays Haley Scott.
Don't you think she's very beautiful in this pic?! =)
Haha, that's me!!

Still got to print that freakin' map of Africa. Toodles. Mwah mwah.

"I'd still do anything for you
In spite of it all
I've learned so much from you
You made me strong
Don't you ever think that I don't love you
That for one minute I forgot you.."

-- Anything For You by Nina