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before nathan scott..

..there was indeed someone else. Okay, I didn't love this guy but he was my first big crush.

I was in Grade 4, with short hair, bunny-like teeth, chubby frame -- in short, the Ugly Duckling stage. The Loser Years. I think I was 9 or 10 when I first saw him. When I first heard him. When I first glanced at his smile and just KNEW that it was something.

He was Mark Feehily of the very popular boyband back then, Westlife. Man, was I addicted to them. I memorized all the lines of their songs, bought all their albums, forced my dad to buy me an original biography of them and watch their concert when they came here to Manila. You can pretty much say that at such a young age, I already knew what being obssessed was all about. So anyway, Mark was the guy I really loved best among the five of them: his looks and his voice captivated me. But as time went by Westlife suddenly went out of the limelight, made pretty bad songs, and to make things worse people started hating boybands. Myself included. I just, well, got tired of them. I started listening to other music and found it very good. In short, I moved on.

Five years later: the shocking news.

And he admitted it. He has a boyfriend. I have nothing against gays, really, but Mark Feehily?! No! He was my first ever crazy-in-love crush! And take this, he has been gay ALL ALONG but the band kept it private for seven years. MAN. This is such a shock. I mean, yeah, my mom kept telling me "Ay he looks bading naman eh." pero I never thought na it's true pala. Hayy.

Okay so I'm not feeling bad because I still like him, nagulat lang talaga ko because I never thought my mom's insticts were true. Haha. Lesson of the day: Mothers know best. Haha, labo.


Anyway, no classes today (just i case you didn't notice.. I'm blogging at 8:30 in the morning!) though I'm not sure if it's because of the SONA or a new typhoon coming or both. But I'm really thankful for this "extra vacation" not just because I can blog but because I have more time to finish my projects and study in advance for our periodic test. Yeheyy!

I forgot to tell you that last Wednesday we played a real softball game and to my big surprise, I didn't suck too much! Haha. They assigned me as the first batter and I was so nervous I swear I could've fainted right then and there. My classmates were all shouting, "Go Rosita!" and yes, it was enough to make me even more nervous. As I positioned myself, I said to myself it didn't really matter if I stood correctly since I'm going to suck anyway. Then Kyle threw the ball and to my surprise (and everyone else's) I hit the ball! I HIT THE BALL! I hit the ball on my first try on my first game! And I was able to run until third base! Isn't that an achievement?! Too bad though because when it was my turn to be the catcher, Francis accidentally threw the ball at me. And it hit me right in the chest. OUCH. I couldn't breathe for like ten seconds.. But oh well, I'm still alive! And the important thing was I HIT THE BALL! Woohoo!

Miss Universe today. On Star World. Gotta watch!! =)

Advanced Happy Birthday James Lafferty! I love you, always and forever!! =P

So cute!
You'll see that same smile on Nathan's face when we get married.