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bombastarr returns.

With the long tests finally over, I guess it's about time I update this blog! It's been TOO long and I can't stand it. All I end up writing in my so-called alternate blog (i.e. the back of my notebooks) are tidbits of lyrics from various senti songs. Or quotes from OTH episodes. That's it. And though I enjoy doodling in Chemistry or English, I still do find blogging better. So here I am! Welcome me back with open arms.

The tests were fine. Yes, a very generic answer, but they really were. It wasn't as hard as we all expected -- actually I think we all overstudied. Especially in Soc Sci. Gaaaahd. I wasted precious time reviewing chapters that weren't even included in the test. My, my. But oh well, past is past. I can't believe that we already had our first departmental test. Ang bilis! It felt like it was only yesterday when I was just anticipating the first day of school, and now here I am halfway through the first quarter. Time does fly. But I hope it doesn't fly too soon just yet. =)

Me and my Cuddlebug, Alex.

Scandal ng Christina!
Nacow, sino yan?! Guess who!

July is here and that means Sabayan practices! Wheee! Just thinking about the Sabayang Pagbigkas makes me all excited and thrilled. If you have been a reader of my blog ever since (from Karlatotz to Lil Miss Nice to Bombastarr), you would know that I hold the Sabayan very close to my heart. It is an -- hmm, how shall I put it -- "integral" part of every Paulinian's (or at least every Bigkaser's) life. The school year wouldn't be complete without it. And as the Buwan Ng Wika approaches, the anticipation for it grows more and more each day. The junior Bigkasers' first official meeting will be on Monday already. Whee! I'm so excited. Ayayayay!

Anyway, just want to share some Bigkaser pics from freshman year: (Sorry wala ako pics nung second year) Just click the pics for a larger view.

Before the competition.

"Dear Ate Charo.. Itago mo na lang ako sa pangalang Ka Amado."

Second place! Woohoo!

After the program: Me, Tin, Anile (miss you!) and Nica.

Tomorrow me and my dad will be watching Superman Returns. Mom said (she watched it ahead of us) that it was kind of dragging daw, and the Christopher Reeve movies are still better. But how about you guys? Have you seen it? Is it good? No spoilers though, just ratings. Haha. =)

High School Musical took our school (especially our section!) by storm. Seriously! Everywhere you go, everywhere you turn, you'll hear someone singing, "Soaring.. flying.." or "I never had someone as goos for me as yooouu.." or you'll hear a group of people doing the dance moves. Tsk. Tipol Musical? Haha.

PE = Softball. Ack! I suck at batting, pitching and throwing. But I managed to get a pretty good score at our practical test. Hehe. It is fun though, standing there and holding the bat, feeling like you're in the movies. You know when the pitcher throws the ball, you hit a full swing, you run a home base, your team wins and everybody loves you? But of course, I'm only good at imagining and not actually hitting the ball. Haha. Hours of TRYING to do good in softball and what do I get? Sucky results -- as usual. I really am the SUCKIEST person I know when it comes to sports. Haha. I was super tired and wasted after PE -- and take note: second and third periods in the morning yung PE namin kaya super dyahe. But oh well, I had fun sucking. Haha. (Count how many times I mentioned the words sucky and you might win a prize! Kidding =P)

Toodles for now.
Mwaaaah! =)

"We're soarin', flyin'
There's not a star in heaven
That we can't reach
If we're trying
So we're breaking free.."

-- Breaking Free from High School Musical