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it rained all day! yehey! =)

New layout, obviously. And once again, it features my all-time favorite couple Nathan and Haley! I never get tired of them, really. Anyway, I looove the color combination, don't you think? Grink. Hehe. I just hope it's not an eye-sore. I got the screen cap here, it was from Episode 15 - Just Watch The Fireworks. Yehey! I so love them talaga. <3

Yesterday I attended the Debate Seminar (along with Nikki and Trixie) at San Sebastian Manila for the CMLI Debate we'll be joining. Yep, official debaters. Yehey! =) We're going to join the Oregon-Oxford debate (thank God!) and I was assigned as the practicability speaker. Waah! It's such an honor. Anyway, our speaker yesterday was soooo cool! She was pretty, tall, had long beautiful hair, spoke well and is a member of THE Ateneo Debate Society. WHOA. But she wasn't intimidating at all. In fact, I so love her.. I want to be her! Haha. The first round will be on August 19, I think. Well, wish us luck okay? =)

Bata pa si Papa James oh..
Ayayayay! He's soooo cute I want to hug him! =)

Sorry if I haven't updated, and if I can't really blog about something long right now because I'm really busy trying to do all our projects before the periodic tests. Yes, I know time flies by so fast. Malapit na agad mag-second quarter! Wheeee! So yeah, I guess I'll be out of the circuit for a while since I'll be studying and finishing everything, but your comments will be much much appreciated when I get back.

By the way, it's 23 today.
Happy Nathan Day to me! =)
(This is what happens when one is crazy in love)

Oh and two days from now (July 25) James Lafferty will celebrate his birthday! Happy Birthday, baby James.. naaah parang he'll read this. Oh well, it's a sign of my great love for him. Gift ko sa kanya.. kiiiiiisss! Mwaaaaaaaaah! (sabay pause sa screen at halik sa mukha.. woohoo!)

Love to all! Mwah mwah =)