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it's a rainy day but you're not around..

Again, my iPod is in shuffle and it's currently playing "Cool With You" and since it's not sunny, well, I changed it to rainy. Haha.

I'm smiley today. Haha.

Our classes were suspended at twelve noon. O diba, corny. Everyone else (I think) went home na but of course, SPCP is always late when it comes to things like this. If I know, they'd like us to stay in school forever na lang! Haha.

But the smiles didn't start there. It started in our PE class when we played an actual softball game. Our team won, with Ray and Josef running a home base! Yehey! So we scored two points. And we had so much fun cheering that even the sophs and freshies (who were having their recess then) were also watching and cheering for us. Haha. How great is that? I didn't play but just cheering for everyone was so FUN! I have fun cheering for people. Hehe. I think that's my specialty, you know trying to lift everyone else's spirits. Then, the sky fell. Nahh just kidding -- it rained so hard. And the rain was sooo beautiful. I don't know, basta when we returned to our classroom then I looked out the window, I felt so serene. Remember how I keep on telling you that I find peace in the rain? Well, that's it. For a moment, I felt like I was so sure of myself, so capable. I don't know why I feel that way, but I know the rain gives that effect on me. It's unexplainable but it feels great. Don't you love things like that? When you know you can't know the reason, but somehow it makes you feel okay? Haaay. Rain. =)

Anyway, after they suspended the classes Nica, Mikka and Tin went here to my place to talk about our sabayn and just chill out. Of course, bonding-bonding! =)

It's been months since I first fell in love with "Look After You" and yet, I'm still very much in love with it. I can't get over it. Somehow, it always finds a way to make my heart leap every time I hear it. It's soooo beautiful. But words aren't enough to describe how I feel about this song..and how great I think it is. So here, since I love you guys so much, I will let you hear it. Here is a link that'll bring you to my Multiply. I uploaded the song there. Then tell me what you think, okay?

Click here.
Look After You -- The Fray

I wish there'd be no classes tomorrow. When it rains, I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep and dream of Nathan. Haha. But seriously, how can they expect people to stay awake in school in a weather like this? It's so cozy! We're all in sleepy mode! Hay nako. I'm going to sing all night so that we'll have no classes! =) Oh wait, that's harsh.

Sometimes I forget how great life is. Then I see Nathan.
And just like that, life is wonderful again.