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i've got that lovin' feelin'

Haha what a title. Anyway, today is a pretty great Monday for me because:
  1. So far, I've gotten good scores in the LT papers we have checked. Yaay! Especially of my Algeb and Physics scores. Very. Very. Very. Happy! =)
  2. I just started reading The Devil Wears Prada.
  3. We watched Superman Returns on IMAX yesterday, so that means I'm not out of place with the Man of Steel conversations anymore. Haha.
  4. The Sabayan meetings started today.
  5. Once again, The Fray gave me reasons to smile. I just l-o-v-e them!
  6. I just want to feel happy today! Haha. So I'm glad that nothing so bad happened today.

To "karla" and "batchmate" (which I think is from II - St. Cecilia last year because of her e-mail), the taggers who have been visting my blog lately and said they loved it. People like you give me more reasons to blog and write more -- because I know you appreciate what I write, even though most of the time I write only about myself. Haha. Hugs and kisses goes out to you, and as for the rest of the people who appreciate my blog just as much. =)

For the past few weeks I have been playing "Shuffle" with my iPod. It's basically asking a question and letting a random song answer me. Like an updated version of Magic 8 Ball, I guess. I call on the stars and the planets and all the heavenly bodies out there to somehow reach into my iPod and let it play the music I need to hear. And it drives me crazy when the songs are very, very, very close to what I'm feeling. Often, I don't get very good results, like a "Bad Day" for "What will today be like?" or a "Sugar, We're Going Down" for "What will happen?" -- weird, I know. That's for the small things, though. But sometimes.. when everything else is a blur, when all the thinking and deciding in the world aren't enough to answer my questions, I don't ask the Pod. I ask GOD. I ask Him for help. It's harder I know, because unlike our lovable mp3 players, God doesn't give us instant answers. He doesn't bombard our ears with music and lyrics that oh-so-painfully kill us. Instead, He lets us wait. For days, weeks, months and even years. It's long, but once we receive our answers, once our minds are opened, the saying "It's worth the wait," has much more sense. We don't hear His answers through the speakers or our earphones, instead through our hearts and sometimes through our closest friends and families. It is indeed difficult to let go everything else and just trust in Him. More often than not, I do fail to surrender to His will. Sometimes even though I really just want to wait for His response, I can't. But when I do, it doesfeel great when I know what I'm supposed to do is the best thing and not just a spur of the moment thing. I guess what I'm trying to say is this -- prayer, no matter how long or short it is, is always our best choice when we need answers, when we need guidance. And I'm pretty sure God won't give us wrong answers. =)

I'm still going to play the Shuffle game, though. For small things.. just so I can have something to blame. Harhar.

Good night, everyone!
Sweet dreams.

Laugh. =)