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of fridays and superhero fantasies.

Finally it's the end of the week and boy am I glad! There is always this great feeling that comes along with Fridays. No matter how sad or exhausting it has been, knowing that it is the last day of work (or in our case, school) week just makes me feel so happy. Don't you guys feel the same? I'm sure you all do.

Wahaah. We were reading "My Last Duchess" in English class and I swear I find it very cool, not because of what happened in the piece, but how the writer hid all those meanings. At first look, it sounds (and looks) very complicated, but once Sir Catanghal explained what it really meant, I was amazed at how very few words can mean a LOT of things. Hmm. I think I'm going to like Shakesperean English. Thou spongy rat-faced foot-licker. Bwahahaha. =) *evil grin*

I'm in-love with Algebra again. Wheeee! =)

Lois Lane said the world doesn't need a Superman. And maybe any other superhero for that matter. But I think I know better (though, of course, I have not met any member of the Justice League and have not fallen in love with any of them seriously). I've been telling you about my fascination with superheroes. I love the fact that they have superpowers and have this abilities to pull someone out of a fire or stop a plane from crashing. It's amazing how in such short time they are able to save many lives and are able to give hope to all of us. They are unreal, yes, only someone we see on our screens full of special effects and cool animations. But I know that they are beyond that. They are symbols of the heroes we want to have in our lives, the heroes that will give new meaning to the saying, "The sun will come out tomorrow." I guess that's what this is mainly about -- hope. Hope that each of us will be saved, that each of us will be rescued from this world of cruelty and wrath. Hope that someone will pull us away from all the insanity and just let us be. Admit it, who wouldn't want to be rescued and eventually fall in love and live happily ever after? No one, I guess, except maybe for those who have had their imaginations sucked out of them. Superheroes are the new-age knights in shining armor and prince charmings. They come sweep us off our feet and carry us to a land far, far away from this place. But I know that as the credits start rolling, the smiles and contentment on our faces isn't just about the "dreaming of being saved" but also because in some way, the superhero movies make us "want to save." I admit, I have always dreamt of becoming Wonder Woman simply because I would like to know how it feels like to be capable of something and be badly needed for it. I always want to know how it's like to be needed, to be important. Deep down, as much as I enjoyed wishing I was Rachel or Lois or MJ, a part of me also wanted to be a superhero. I want to save, I want to rescue someone else. I want to make a difference. And this is the hardest part for me I guess, because it is very, very difficult. I am not invincible. I am weak. I am not even good enough to be strong for myself, what more for others? But you know what? I find my greatest strength in wanting to be strong. I find my greatest bravery in deciding to be brave. I may not be capable of being a strong and always-self-assured person, but I feel great when I finally decide to tell myself "I can do this," even though a part of me says I can't. I might end up failing, but at least I know that somewhere inside me, there was this small piece of courage that made me feel strong. And for me, it's enough. I guess this is why I really do love superheroes, they don't just make us want to be saved, but they make us want to save. They aren't just people we want to have, but people we want to become. I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know one day soon, I'll be super. Watch out. =)

Wahaaah. This is what happens when I deprive myself of writing about something that has been inside my head for almost a week now. Haha.

aylabyoo, NEYtun scott!
Now if only my Nathan would be with me during PE, softball would be waaaaaaaay better.
God, I love this boy!
NEYtun Scott, I love you!!=)