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all day long, i THINK about sex.

Don't take it negatively though. For the whole week, we've been thinking and strengthening our points for our debate tomorrow. The proposition is "Let It Be Resolved That Sex Education Be Comprehensively Taught In Philippine Schools" and we don't have a side yet. Tomorrow pa. So we prepared for BOTH sides and for the whole week we missed all our classes. Haha. I'm here at our CAI Lab, supposedly searching for more statistics, but then I'm done with my speeches anyway, so why not? =)

I am currently loving two very weird things right now: the Thesaurus and typrewriter. I wanted my speech to sound more proficient (see?!) and so for the whole week the thesaurus has been my best friend. Yesterday also, I typed my then tentative speech at the library's typewriter and suddenly I remembered how much fun I had typing short stories at my lolo's office when I was young. I was so thrilled because I can still remember how to use it, and the sound of those noisy keys just made me so nostalgic. Haha, drama. Now you have an idea on what to give me for my birthday or for Christmas! (Oh God, am I such a nerd?)

Sorry if I seem to have neglected this blog.. I haven't. I was enjoying LJ kasi.. hehe. But don't worry I will never ever leave this blog. =)

I super duper like Sophia Bush. I bought an issue of CosmoGirl that had her on the cover. She's such a nice person -- smart and pretty, too. Totally not like Brooke in real life. And I admire her for being so strong, she says she wouldn't want to disappoint her fans (by not playing Brooke really well) just because of what happened between her and Chad. And she's pretty pa. Tapos she studied journalism and I think she is also planning on taking up Political Science. What's not to love about her? Rude Awakening: Chad is so stupid.

I am still Haley though=) Di ba, Nathan?

Love to all. ♥ Mwah mwah.