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karla, buksan mo na!

Half of me wants to be part of the 26K. Hehe =)

Though I absolutely dislike Kris Aquino for her exaggerated ka-prangkahan, super duper evil panlalait and kaartehan (sorry, Nica) I have to admit that I will miss Deal Or No Deal. Everything about it, honestly. Every night, the people in our household are really glued to the screen waiting for the next bid, getting mad at the contestant (kapag mali yung napili.. haha, hey we can't help it!) or Kris' dress and harsh words. I don't know, but I really started liking the show already even though I actually didn't want to watch it at first. It's exciting -- that is a given. But there's something more to it. Unlike Game KNB, it doesn't require you to be super intelligent, just really logical and lucky. It really is YOUR game, not anyone else's. Most of the time, I get really irritated at the contestants because sometimes they choose the wrong briefcase or keep on refusing the deal even though it's a huge offer already. But if I was there, in front of all the 26K, Kris, the banker and all of the Philippines to see, would I be able to think well? Will I go for it all the way until the end? I want to play so badly! But okay, yeah, I'll settle for being one of the "girls" basta I want to be a part of the show! Haha.

Today, I discovered that in our class a lot of girls LOVED Westlife as well. As in, we started singing their songs and to the surprise of everyone, we still know the songs! Haha. And of course, the dozens of Mark Feehily lovers were devastated with the news. Oh well, that's that. By the way, my concert sila ulit?! Haha. Tara! =)

Just when I started enjoying softball, it has to end. Why, oh why?! Today we had basketball for PE. Oh bliss -- not. As usual, I really sucked. When our teacher gave us our first try for free throws, I didn't even shoot a single basket at all. It didn't even go near the basket! And to make things worse, we're having our practical test on free throws next week already. So our teacher told us (the girls) to pick our own coach from the boys. They must be able to teach us the proper way to do free throws, lay-ups and this other one.. I forgot. Haha. Anyway, Trixie, Hope and I chose Rex, then nakisali si Josef. We were the smallest group I think because almost all the other groups had five to eight girls per guy and we were three to two. Haha! After some "great words" from our "marvelous" coaches, it was my turn again and of course, I know I would suck. But I had to be optimistic, so I thought of my very hot and loving handsome Nathan Scott aka James Lafferty, who by the way is the hottest basketball player ever (right, Ate Kate?! :P), and then I jumped and threw the ball. And guess what? I SCORED! Definitely not chamba! And I was in the right position. So yes, thanks to the moral support of our great coaches and of course inspiration from my love.. a part of me is not so afraid of basketball anymore! Yehey! I just hope I do the same in our practical test.. or else the guys will fail!

"Hey, Karla.. you can do it. I love you."
♥ ♥ ♥
Ayayay, hotness! =) I wish he'd really be there to support me on our practical test!

Ever had the feeling of having so much to do in so little time and yet still feeling super excited and fine? I have lots of things going on for me right now.. Sabayan practices, our debate for CMLI (which is on the 19th already.. shucks!), the editorial writing contest tomorrow, basketball for PE, and school work. And though I am physically exhausted from all of this, I'm still okay because I'm enjoying it. It's such a great feeling you know? When everything is moving so fast and it feels like you don't have the time and strength anymore, but you still fight because you love what you're doing. =) The adrenaline rush is unexplainable -- and I'm loving it.

Oh, by the way, since it's the start of Buwan ng Wika already, I'd like it if you start calling me Rosita. Or Karlita. Hehe! =)

I have to go and research for our debate proposition. Later. Mwah mwah :*

"Kahit na sabihin na naliligo ka sa sampal,
Di mo masasabi na hindi kita minamahal..
Ang dami mong babae, wala ka pang trabaho,
Ngunit kahit ganon ay nandito lang ako.."

-- Martyr Nyebera by Kamikazee