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yes lord, amen!

Waaaah. It's been so long. Jumissmi?=)

  1. WE WON 2ND PLACE IN THE SABAYAN!! Woohoo! Go Juniors! Three consecutive years.. wow! And we really thought we wouldn't make it this year because we were a little late. But we pulled it off! Yehey. We so love Gloc 9 already, right Bigkasers? =) Thank You, Lord! Congratulations also to our Interp Dancers who won 2nd place as well! =) And of course to the Seniors, Sophomores and Freshmen!
  2. We played a basketball game in PE a while ago.. and I managed to score! Two points! Wahaaah! Nanalo tuloy kami, 6-4! Yehey. I know it's not that much of an achievement, but hey, forgive me because I really suck at sports, but I managed to shoot the ball. Oh yeah babeh, Nathan Scott must be so proud! =)
  3. Global Invasion -- why is everybody using Globe these days?! Go Unlimitxting.. sorry Sun, you're so yesterday. =P GM, everyone!
  4. Go Hopeless Hopia! Since Mrs. F decided to reshuffle our group in Algeb, I now belong in Hope's group, and so far, we're leading! Hehe. More plus points for us.. bwahaha! =)
  5. I now know why the Tree Hill Ravens shouted "Nevermore!" in one of their games in the third season. Hmm.. Edgar Allan Poe, anyone?
  6. More and more people are listening and LOVING The Fray.. oh my God, they are so great! I'm in love with them!
  7. What to recycle: Bottles, canisters, plastics, tin cans and paper. What NOT to recycle: IDEAS of other people. Originality is key, people. Tsk, tsk. Yan tuloy..
  8. Oh and another one, I was once again able to prove that simplicity is indeed a virtue. And so is humility. Sometimes overdoing things lead to your downfall.
  9. I LOVE PHYSICS! A while ago, we played the Equilibrium Challenge, and our group won! Go Bebots! It was so difficult balancing ourselves with only a number of feet touching the floor.. it's like a modified version of newspaper dance. (haha, I hope you got it) And take note, we were commended because we were the only group who didn't do the stunts lying down or kneeling. Oh yeah! =)
  10. I'm excited about our Noli show on Friday. Yihee!=)
  11. The Long Tests are just around the corner (again.. bilis noh?!) and I might be gone for a little while once more.
I apologize for not being able to blog regularly. I was SOOO busy with all the activities in school, it was so hard keeping up. I tell you, I didn't even update my Friendster for almost two weeks! Oh the joys of being a Junior.. haha. Links will be updated when I find the time. And the regular bloghopping too. But comments would be much loved. =)

Mwah mwah. Toodles =P

"Kahit na wala akong pera,
kahit na butas aking bulsa,
kahit na maong ko'y kupas na,
kahit na marami diyang iba..
Ganito lang ako, simpleng tao,
maipagyayabang ko lang sa 'yo..
Pag-ibig ko sa iyo'y di magbabago
at kahit na anong bagyo, ika'y masusundo.."
-- Simpleng Tao by Gloc 9