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has it been that long?

Really, if you subtract the date now (24) from the date of the last post (16), it'll just be an 8-day difference and it seems nothing. But it's actually long span of time.. and I really apologize for not being able to update this thing. I know it's too cliche, and I've said it too many times.. but school is really eating up my time. Last week, I slept at 11:00 pm everyday because of never-ending projects and assignments. I don't eat my recess just so I can sleep. But I'm still okay though. Actually, stress makes me work better. I don't know, in an ironic way, it motivates me. Don't get me wrong -- I don't like being stressed. But maybe it has some upsides too, because it makes me want to work harder so that next time, I won't be cramming. Hayy. Why am I suddenly so positive about this?! (I think it's the Peter Pan effect -- it's working!!)

Anyway, what's up with me? I'm so glad that this week is finally over, since two projects have been lifted off my shoulders (Physics and CL) but there are still lot to do. The second quarter isn't even over yet but I can feel the pressure building up. Oh, and guess what? It's our periodic exams next week already (first week of October). It's so fast! Parang I just finished reviewing for the long test, and now, perio na ulit. Then after that, third quarter already. My, oh my.

Hayy. Let's take our minds off of school, shall we? =)

When I get the free time, I spend my time watching Scrubs (marathon, babeh!) and yes, I'm still loving it! I really like how some of the events are shallow or simple but in the end there's always a lesson to be learned. The cast makes me crack up, and the show is always so entertaining, but this comedy show isn't just a program full of nonsense jokes and whatnot. It somehow makes me nod in approval as JD says the final words before the show ends. Don't get me wrong though, I still wouldn't be taking up any course related to medicine, no matter how much I love watching the show =)

Go Ateneo! The UAAP match with UST a while ago was unbelievable -- really. With ONE SECOND left on the clock, they managed to score and win the game by a point. Yep, they were that good. It was so unbelievable. The UST crows was crying and singing already before the time out, because hello, one second left and they lead by one point. Obvious win na. But Coach Norman Black does his magic.. and swoosh! The Tigers were not guarding the basket anymore because heck, who could score within one second?! But they were wrong, because Doug Kramer (lucky Cheska!) was able to pull it through, and just like that, the Eagles win. Grabe. I love the excitement every basketball game brings. It's so unpredictable, don't you think? I like watching it -- but not playing it. Haha.

I cannot believe that in just a few days the much-awaited fourth season of OTH will start. Excited would be an understatement. I'm soooo psyched! I can't wait to bond with Limewire again (or with Nica -- haha, I'm not sure if our computer is well enough to download heavy files again) and just indulge myself with the show I love best. I miss OTH, really. I practically memorized all the episodes already (yes, I'm that addicted) and I'm in dire need of new ones. Though I've admittedly read a few spoilers (I couldn't help it!) I'm still dying to know what will happen. I cannot wait!!

Okay, so this post is probably illegal, but what the heck, I'm printing my Physics paper already, so no harm done. And besides, I deserve this break -- I did my assignments the whole day and I just want to spend time with my online journal for a little while.


Cam whores sa bus!
Kaila, me, Mikka and Tin.



I'm here in Makati Shangri-La blogging away and surfing the 'Net like crazy because they have Wi-Fi. Haha. We're staying here for the night, so might as well grab the opportunity, right?

Yesterday we had our field trip and I swear it was better than last year -- MUCH BETTER. Words aren't even enough to describe it! First we went to the Our Lady of Peace school in Antipolo, then to the Petroglyphs (where we ate our lunch). We stayed there for about two hours, and picnicked under the trees. Haha. Nica and Neill even caught a frog and a worm! (According to Missy, "Feeling Steve Irwin" daw.. haha). Then we went to the Mystical Cave and I swear it was magnificent. The stalagmites were formed miraculously in various religious figures like the Pieta, the Nazareno, the Madonna and Child, the Holy Trinity and many more. I swear I had goosebumps while we were inside because it was just so great. Ang galing talaga because they were almost perfectly made, but they weren't. The tour guide said the cave was found "through a dream" of Inday Nelly. Anyway, beside the cave was this high, high, high mountain climb.. and oh God, we all had to go through hell just to reach the top. Much like our Freshman trip, only less muddy. Haha. We even had this group called "The Vamonos" and we were all singing the infamous Dora song all thoughout amidst the steep cliffs and big rocks. Hehe. We even saw a pink spider with purple legs! It was worht it though, since on top was a giant cross. I ended up hugging the cross when I reached the peak! Sabi ko na lang, "This is for Him!" The trip back was more fun.. daming kalokohan eh! Of course, expect that from us -- we can fall off the cliff and still end up laughing! Our last stop was at Meralco Museum where we took pictures like crazy. Haha =) Anyway, I know this paragraph is a bit crappy because I crammed all the descriptions here -- actually like I said, words aren't enough to describe the whole trip. I haven't uploaded the photos yet, but when I do (and I promise I will!) I'll let you know, okay? =)

  1. I bought the Kami nAPO Muna CD (with the original APO songs) today! Yehey!
  2. National Bookstore was on sale -- and that's heaven for geeky Karla. Haha =) I was able to buy two normally-expensive books for the very wallet-friendly price of P320!! =) I love National!
  3. I'm about to finish The Au Pairs by Melissa Dela Cruz, and I'm psyched to read the sequel (which is one of the books I bought today) And oh, Melissa Dela Cruz is a Filipina! =)
  4. Lots of people love my shades! Yeah babehh -- big shades are LOVE.
  5. I miss my iPod. I mean, it's with me all the time, but it's kinda sick. The scrolls are messed up! Sometimes they don't work. Gaaaaash. I need it repaired SOON.
  6. School is crazy. I can't even begin explaining how busy everything and everyone is. Like the saying goes, "So many things to do, so little time." Argh, I hate it.
  7. High School Musical is tattooed on my mind and I don't like it. Please, anyone, take it out of my head now. Give me a new LSS!
  8. I'm really in love with Physics right now. And I hate Chem. Haha.
  9. Magic Cremes (Chocolate flavor) is so addicting!! I can't last a day without one.
  10. The pianist is playing "Once Upon A Dream" right now. It's the song from Sleeping Beauty. Aww.. Prince Charming, are you still there? =)

She may be a bitch but there's no denying that Rachel is HOT!
Hehe, I miss you, Bluestar! (if you're reading this!)

Wednesday, September 27
The Same Deep Water As You

Anything But A Honeymoon - In a shocking season opener, the aftermath of the post-wedding car accident unfolds. While Haley is deeply affected by Nathan's attempt to rescue Cooper and Rachel, Brooke confronts Lucas with her true feelings, and Peyton makes a startling discovery. Pressured by the fact that someone might know he killed his brother, Dan assaults Deb.

Gosh, I miss OTH. Only a few more days, Karla.

Love to all. Mwah mwah. xoxo


school is a battlefield.

Finally, hell week is over.

I wish I can just sit back and relax, but I can't. Projects are piling up, and the Intrams was moved to October. My, my. I wonder how we'll all be able to get through the second quarter. Just thinking about how hectic everything is, is enough to make me go crazy! But pessimism will not do me good these days. Instead, I choose to think of positive things. I'm trying this new thing.. the "Peter Pan." When bad situations arise, force yourself to "think of happy thoughts so you can fly" -- and mind you, it is not an easy job especially for someone like me, who by the way, always has a hard time controlling my temper. HAHA. Anyway, I hope this works for me because I badly need it, especially now when everything else is so -- blah.

I just realized that one of the best feelings in the world is knowing that someone else hates the person you hate. I know it sounds really mean, but doesn't it feel good to find out that someone else sees the rotten side of this one particular person almost everyone thinks is so sweet and pacutie-tootie? *insert evil laugh* Okay so anyway, this new-found "friend" (if I can call her that) I now have.. well, let's just say I'm glad there is something we have in common after all -- besides the love for Soc Sci. =)

Speaking of Soc Sci.. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually like our teacher. There are times when I really can't understand what she's saying because she can't seem to get her point across, but you can see that she really knows the subject well. I like how she lets us memorize the capitals of countries in Europe -- it was effective! I didn't have such a hard time reviewing for that part. And I always feel enthusiastic about reciting in her class (as I always do in every Soc Sci class). Oh well.. all the more reason for me to love my favorite subject. I guess I still am a Soc Sci babe after all. =) Wahaah.

Okay, okay, so I still love Algeb. Pero LQ kami ngayon eh. Si Radicals kasi. HMPH. =(

Last Wednesday, we had a real basketball game (okay, maybe not-so-real since we mostly just screamed and grabbed the ball from each other) and I SCORED FOUR POINTS! Four big points out of the ten we got! Waaaaah! And we WON! Okay, so maybe it wasn't because of my "great" shots, but hey, it's a big deal for me!! I'm so happy! Nathan Scott would really be proud of me, if he was there! Hehe. And just as I was beginning to love basketball, our teacher said next week we'll be having volleyball. NO. NO. NO. I hate it that they take the sport away from me just when I start scoring and getting the hang of it. Huhu =(

I mourn for the loss of Steve Irwin. I'm not his avid fan, and I don't watch his show every time it airs, but I'm still sad because he was one of the few people who really wanted to make a difference to the world by saving wildlife, and it's ironic that his life was taken away from him by the creatures he was saving. May he be in peace. He had certainly left his mark in this world.

Random pics:

Translational equilibrium -- gotta love Physics =)

The most beautiful sky I have ever seen. The picture doesn't even justify its beauty.
This was after the Sabayan. =) I love our corridor talaga..

Hopefools on the bus! Mikka, Nica, trixie and moi.

And now I can finally say, I'm happy.
Batman's back. =)

"And I can't get you out of my dreams
Now I know that you're the dangerous kind
and your face is tattooed on my mind
And I can't get you out of my dreams.."
-- Tattoed On My Mind by D'Sound


show your world to me.

Waah. New Layout. =)

That pic was from our Bangkok trip last summer. It was taken at the MRT station (haha basta ung train station) at the Chatuchak stop. That was after shopping, so you can see how tired I was -- I bought lots of things, though! :) I totally love this pic. Edited in Photoshop, as always.

By the way, I decided to remove the q-box and tagboard for the meantime. I also patterned this layout after LJ layouts, because for me it looks more orderly and simpler, don't you think? Navigation up there and links on the left. The archives are at the bottom of the page (scroll down, babehs!) And of course, the song featured this time is Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song! =)

Anyway, the Noli show yesterday was FUN.. except for that uber-dingy and old bus we rode. Padre Salvi was HOT! Haha =) I like the Donya Consolacion and Sisa. And I hated the Maria Clara. Her voice was so annoying. SPCP was commended for our proper decorum -- yehey! May special mention pa si Nica. Haha. Funny. The pics will be posted soon. Either here or on Multiply.. basta soon (soon meaning when I have the time -- haha)

I hate myself. I accidentally read OTH season 4 spoilers. Shoot.

You know how I always hate copycats? Well now, I still do. I hate it that they take credit for something you thought of, something you worked hard for. I hate it that they brag about how they're so great of being able to come up with such ideas when in fact it was you who thought about it in the first place. I hate it that they already know you used it, but still end up claiming it as their own. But you know, all the hating in the world won't make them go away. No matter how much I abhor these kind of people, they will always be around. And I really find it so unfair that other people think na they were the ones behind the great ideas even though they aren't. But I guess, life does find a way to give them a taste of bitter medicine. Consequences. Punishment. What's that word again? Karma. Yep, karma. I totally believe that what goes around, comes around, and no matter what happens you'll get what you deserve. So I guess what I'm trying to say is.. I'm glad that even though they are people like that living in our world, they won't be able to really get away with it. And just last week, I was able to prove it. =)

Oopsies. Were you hurt? Naaah. Don't take it personally, dear. It might not be you anyway. Besides, no names were mentioned, so how sure are you that it is indeed YOU? If someone gets pissed at what I wrote, it only means one thing: GUILTY.Wahaaah.

What I currently miss:
  • Gossip Girl -- I want the 10th book na!
  • St. Gertrude -- No matter how much I love St. Christina now, I will always be missing all the fun times the Toledudes had. =)
  • Geometry -- I think I'm hating Algebra now.. I hate radicals!
  • OTH -- grabe, I NEED new episodes.
  • Scrubs -- wala na kasi sa Star World eh.
  • Late night phone calls
  • Blogging when I feel like doing so -- can't do that now, especially with all the school work!
and of course..

I miss you na, Bigkasers!

Gotta go finish reading Noli.
I HAVE to force myself to love it, eh.
Later. =)