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has it been that long?

Really, if you subtract the date now (24) from the date of the last post (16), it'll just be an 8-day difference and it seems nothing. But it's actually long span of time.. and I really apologize for not being able to update this thing. I know it's too cliche, and I've said it too many times.. but school is really eating up my time. Last week, I slept at 11:00 pm everyday because of never-ending projects and assignments. I don't eat my recess just so I can sleep. But I'm still okay though. Actually, stress makes me work better. I don't know, in an ironic way, it motivates me. Don't get me wrong -- I don't like being stressed. But maybe it has some upsides too, because it makes me want to work harder so that next time, I won't be cramming. Hayy. Why am I suddenly so positive about this?! (I think it's the Peter Pan effect -- it's working!!)

Anyway, what's up with me? I'm so glad that this week is finally over, since two projects have been lifted off my shoulders (Physics and CL) but there are still lot to do. The second quarter isn't even over yet but I can feel the pressure building up. Oh, and guess what? It's our periodic exams next week already (first week of October). It's so fast! Parang I just finished reviewing for the long test, and now, perio na ulit. Then after that, third quarter already. My, oh my.

Hayy. Let's take our minds off of school, shall we? =)

When I get the free time, I spend my time watching Scrubs (marathon, babeh!) and yes, I'm still loving it! I really like how some of the events are shallow or simple but in the end there's always a lesson to be learned. The cast makes me crack up, and the show is always so entertaining, but this comedy show isn't just a program full of nonsense jokes and whatnot. It somehow makes me nod in approval as JD says the final words before the show ends. Don't get me wrong though, I still wouldn't be taking up any course related to medicine, no matter how much I love watching the show =)

Go Ateneo! The UAAP match with UST a while ago was unbelievable -- really. With ONE SECOND left on the clock, they managed to score and win the game by a point. Yep, they were that good. It was so unbelievable. The UST crows was crying and singing already before the time out, because hello, one second left and they lead by one point. Obvious win na. But Coach Norman Black does his magic.. and swoosh! The Tigers were not guarding the basket anymore because heck, who could score within one second?! But they were wrong, because Doug Kramer (lucky Cheska!) was able to pull it through, and just like that, the Eagles win. Grabe. I love the excitement every basketball game brings. It's so unpredictable, don't you think? I like watching it -- but not playing it. Haha.

I cannot believe that in just a few days the much-awaited fourth season of OTH will start. Excited would be an understatement. I'm soooo psyched! I can't wait to bond with Limewire again (or with Nica -- haha, I'm not sure if our computer is well enough to download heavy files again) and just indulge myself with the show I love best. I miss OTH, really. I practically memorized all the episodes already (yes, I'm that addicted) and I'm in dire need of new ones. Though I've admittedly read a few spoilers (I couldn't help it!) I'm still dying to know what will happen. I cannot wait!!

Okay, so this post is probably illegal, but what the heck, I'm printing my Physics paper already, so no harm done. And besides, I deserve this break -- I did my assignments the whole day and I just want to spend time with my online journal for a little while.


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