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show your world to me.

Waah. New Layout. =)

That pic was from our Bangkok trip last summer. It was taken at the MRT station (haha basta ung train station) at the Chatuchak stop. That was after shopping, so you can see how tired I was -- I bought lots of things, though! :) I totally love this pic. Edited in Photoshop, as always.

By the way, I decided to remove the q-box and tagboard for the meantime. I also patterned this layout after LJ layouts, because for me it looks more orderly and simpler, don't you think? Navigation up there and links on the left. The archives are at the bottom of the page (scroll down, babehs!) And of course, the song featured this time is Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song! =)

Anyway, the Noli show yesterday was FUN.. except for that uber-dingy and old bus we rode. Padre Salvi was HOT! Haha =) I like the Donya Consolacion and Sisa. And I hated the Maria Clara. Her voice was so annoying. SPCP was commended for our proper decorum -- yehey! May special mention pa si Nica. Haha. Funny. The pics will be posted soon. Either here or on Multiply.. basta soon (soon meaning when I have the time -- haha)

I hate myself. I accidentally read OTH season 4 spoilers. Shoot.

You know how I always hate copycats? Well now, I still do. I hate it that they take credit for something you thought of, something you worked hard for. I hate it that they brag about how they're so great of being able to come up with such ideas when in fact it was you who thought about it in the first place. I hate it that they already know you used it, but still end up claiming it as their own. But you know, all the hating in the world won't make them go away. No matter how much I abhor these kind of people, they will always be around. And I really find it so unfair that other people think na they were the ones behind the great ideas even though they aren't. But I guess, life does find a way to give them a taste of bitter medicine. Consequences. Punishment. What's that word again? Karma. Yep, karma. I totally believe that what goes around, comes around, and no matter what happens you'll get what you deserve. So I guess what I'm trying to say is.. I'm glad that even though they are people like that living in our world, they won't be able to really get away with it. And just last week, I was able to prove it. =)

Oopsies. Were you hurt? Naaah. Don't take it personally, dear. It might not be you anyway. Besides, no names were mentioned, so how sure are you that it is indeed YOU? If someone gets pissed at what I wrote, it only means one thing: GUILTY.Wahaaah.

What I currently miss:
  • Gossip Girl -- I want the 10th book na!
  • St. Gertrude -- No matter how much I love St. Christina now, I will always be missing all the fun times the Toledudes had. =)
  • Geometry -- I think I'm hating Algebra now.. I hate radicals!
  • OTH -- grabe, I NEED new episodes.
  • Scrubs -- wala na kasi sa Star World eh.
  • Late night phone calls
  • Blogging when I feel like doing so -- can't do that now, especially with all the school work!
and of course..

I miss you na, Bigkasers!

Gotta go finish reading Noli.
I HAVE to force myself to love it, eh.
Later. =)