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I'm here in Makati Shangri-La blogging away and surfing the 'Net like crazy because they have Wi-Fi. Haha. We're staying here for the night, so might as well grab the opportunity, right?

Yesterday we had our field trip and I swear it was better than last year -- MUCH BETTER. Words aren't even enough to describe it! First we went to the Our Lady of Peace school in Antipolo, then to the Petroglyphs (where we ate our lunch). We stayed there for about two hours, and picnicked under the trees. Haha. Nica and Neill even caught a frog and a worm! (According to Missy, "Feeling Steve Irwin" daw.. haha). Then we went to the Mystical Cave and I swear it was magnificent. The stalagmites were formed miraculously in various religious figures like the Pieta, the Nazareno, the Madonna and Child, the Holy Trinity and many more. I swear I had goosebumps while we were inside because it was just so great. Ang galing talaga because they were almost perfectly made, but they weren't. The tour guide said the cave was found "through a dream" of Inday Nelly. Anyway, beside the cave was this high, high, high mountain climb.. and oh God, we all had to go through hell just to reach the top. Much like our Freshman trip, only less muddy. Haha. We even had this group called "The Vamonos" and we were all singing the infamous Dora song all thoughout amidst the steep cliffs and big rocks. Hehe. We even saw a pink spider with purple legs! It was worht it though, since on top was a giant cross. I ended up hugging the cross when I reached the peak! Sabi ko na lang, "This is for Him!" The trip back was more fun.. daming kalokohan eh! Of course, expect that from us -- we can fall off the cliff and still end up laughing! Our last stop was at Meralco Museum where we took pictures like crazy. Haha =) Anyway, I know this paragraph is a bit crappy because I crammed all the descriptions here -- actually like I said, words aren't enough to describe the whole trip. I haven't uploaded the photos yet, but when I do (and I promise I will!) I'll let you know, okay? =)

  1. I bought the Kami nAPO Muna CD (with the original APO songs) today! Yehey!
  2. National Bookstore was on sale -- and that's heaven for geeky Karla. Haha =) I was able to buy two normally-expensive books for the very wallet-friendly price of P320!! =) I love National!
  3. I'm about to finish The Au Pairs by Melissa Dela Cruz, and I'm psyched to read the sequel (which is one of the books I bought today) And oh, Melissa Dela Cruz is a Filipina! =)
  4. Lots of people love my shades! Yeah babehh -- big shades are LOVE.
  5. I miss my iPod. I mean, it's with me all the time, but it's kinda sick. The scrolls are messed up! Sometimes they don't work. Gaaaaash. I need it repaired SOON.
  6. School is crazy. I can't even begin explaining how busy everything and everyone is. Like the saying goes, "So many things to do, so little time." Argh, I hate it.
  7. High School Musical is tattooed on my mind and I don't like it. Please, anyone, take it out of my head now. Give me a new LSS!
  8. I'm really in love with Physics right now. And I hate Chem. Haha.
  9. Magic Cremes (Chocolate flavor) is so addicting!! I can't last a day without one.
  10. The pianist is playing "Once Upon A Dream" right now. It's the song from Sleeping Beauty. Aww.. Prince Charming, are you still there? =)

She may be a bitch but there's no denying that Rachel is HOT!
Hehe, I miss you, Bluestar! (if you're reading this!)

Wednesday, September 27
The Same Deep Water As You

Anything But A Honeymoon - In a shocking season opener, the aftermath of the post-wedding car accident unfolds. While Haley is deeply affected by Nathan's attempt to rescue Cooper and Rachel, Brooke confronts Lucas with her true feelings, and Peyton makes a startling discovery. Pressured by the fact that someone might know he killed his brother, Dan assaults Deb.

Gosh, I miss OTH. Only a few more days, Karla.

Love to all. Mwah mwah. xoxo