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did you miss bombastarr while she was away?

FINALLY. The exams are over. Yeah baby.
I wouldn't go about ranting how difficult Chem was, how long it took for me to solve the equations for Algeb, how I stayed up late last night to study for Health, how I memorized the map of Europe AND the people of the Renaissance, how I panicked during our Physics test when I realized I lost my pencil and I had to solve using my blue G-tec and I had to pass my paper full of erasures and arrows.

Oh wait, I just did. =)

NEW LAYOUT. I told you. And it's featuring Brooke and Lucas from OTH. I know, I'm still a loyal Naley fan but I just love this scene from Episode 3.22 when Brooke asked Lucas to dance with her after they had a fight. It was sooo sweet. Made using Adobe again and I know it's kind of rushed but I still like it, though. Brushes from Cars and Hybrid-Genesis. And what made me love this pic even more was that the song "Boston" by Augustana was played during the scene. I swear, that song is LOVE and that band rocks. Download it, now! I demand you!!

Anywaaay, something happened that up until now, I cannot believe that it would happen to ME. Well, you all know that I am the loser-est person when it comes to sports and I almost fail PE miserably because of it. My only hope of passing is swimming because that's the only thing I think I'm good but I don't really see it as a sport, more of a hobby or play. Last Wednesday, during our first swimming class for this year, our teacher approached me and told me I should try out for the Pink team swimming team. Of course, I was shocked because she was clearly approaching the wrong person -- I am not athletic AT ALL. And she wants me to try out for swimming? Seriously. I was waiting for her to say, "Ay joke!" or something, but she didn't and I swear that was my most SHOCKED moment ever. ME?! Well, I decided it wouldn't be so bad, after all I'm not an official cheerleader in the pep anyway, and besides, what the heck? It was just for the Intrams, right? So I tried out today after our tests.. and yes, I got in =) And yes, I HAVE to blog about this because I never ever thought that I can be chosen to compete in a sport. A sport! I'm an athlete. Haha. Feeling. And the best part is I get to swim everyday. Woohoo! =) Yaay, me!

Ooh, just watched an episode of Wonder Woman at this local channel.. and she was swimming! Wonder Woman was swimming out in the sea to diffuse a bomb. Wowness. Is this a sign or what? Haha.

Moving on..

I already saw the first episode of Season 4 and I swear -- it was good. As good as a cup of ice cream with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and cherry on top. It was heartbreaking and heart-warming at the same time.. and I wanted to cry along with the characters. This is why I cannot get enough of OTH. I always feel like I can relate to them, like something in their world is happening to my world. People always ask me, "Ano bang meron sa One Tree Hill na yan?" and I often answer in jest, "Nathan!" but seriously it's more to me than just the hottie or the loveteams (though they're definitely a plus!). I know I probably sound like corny die-hard fan but the show always hits this part of me, and it's unexplainable. It's just there. And it's weird, but I guess now it's safe to say that OTH has become a huge part of me already. So yes, laugh all you want I don't care. I'm going to say it out loud: I LOVE ONE TREE HILL!! And I love Nathan Scott even more =)

Yikes, career talks will start next week. Waaah. Our guidance counselor will tell us the result of our career test and then we'll talk about our courses, preferred colleges.. those kind of stuff. And just thinking about it makes me feel so grown-up! In just a a year or so I'll be graduating. Wow.

Who am I kidding? That's not what I'm really waiting for just yet because..
in just a few days or so, I'll be turning 15!
Can't wait! =)

The Courtyard Adventures =)
with Kaila.

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first pic namin ni Aly!

with Hope, my best enemy! =)