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happy hallowoo =)

Wow can you believe this is my first post as a fifteen year old? Haha. I mean, this is like a milestone or something. This will only happen once. I will only have one first post as a fifteen year old. Yehey! Okay, so I'm exaggerating. So excited, I guess? =)

MY BIRTHDAY WAS A BLAST! My mom and I went to mass in the morning and as usual, I felt like a happy little girl when I heard my name for the special intentions. Hehe =) And then when I checked my phone it had like 15 messages! Since it was our Intramurals (and the day of the cheering competition!), everyone was so busy with everything and I thought they would forget my birthday but they didn't. Hehe. When I came inside the room, everybody sang me a happy birthday. Aww =) Anyway, I was surprised at how many people knew it was my birthday. And because it was Intrams, my friends were introducing me to their friends from their teams, tapos they'll greet me. Haha. New friends + many birthday greetings = well, many new friends and birthday greetings. Haha =) But what really surprised me was the afternoon surprise (haha, let's call it that, okay?). I entered our room about to change into my PE when suddenly my friends were lined up in the platform holding folders with "LOVE U" on them and sang me Happy Birthday. AWW. It was the sweetest thing. Those folders have been passed around the days before with messages in it, and I had no idea. It was sooo sweet. Then came afternoon where we had a little party here in my place. We all had fun, took pictures and yes, the food was YUMMY. =)

Mikka, me and Nica =)

Very vain Enemies: Hope and moi.


Then came Saturday, the sleepover day! =) The Fashionistas (Nica, Mikka, Hope, Tin, Keng and me) had a blast here! We watched movies, did each other's hair (haha we had this thing.. basta! We had nice hair!!) and well, slept. Hehe. We watched Dawn Of The Dead and man, was it gory. It was blood everywhere, from beginning to end! Good thing I'm not very scared of zombies and blood -- I'm more afraid of Sadako types. Haha. Anyway, it was fun having my friends over and just lazying around. Haha. =)

So yeah, that was basically my birthday. I had fun. I hope I do too for the rest of the year ahead of me. Whee! =) Pics here.

I read this article from Candy about a girl who was able to go to Wilmington, North Carolina aka Tree Hill!!!! I swear I almost cried when I saw it. Lucky lucky lucky beeyotch. Haha. She was able to see my baby James play in actual Tree Hill Charity Ball Game and see all the other stars too!! I wanna go there! I wanna see the Tree Hill cast and have my picture taken with James (and maybe kiss him!) I'll ask that as my birthday gift next year.. haha. I guess no more birthday gifts for the years after that -- a trip there must be pretty pricey! =) But oh well, anything for my Nathan =)

I've been such a nerd these days. I finished four books in one week (yeah, I was on a roll!) and currently starting a new one. I'm watching OTH and Scrubs like crazy. I've been laughing like a hyena (Dr. Dorian is soooo funny!) and then crying the next (how can Lucas let Brooke go?!) But I'm loving it.. at last, another week of freedom and bliss. Harhar. Still have to finish that Algeb assignment though.

And I suddenly ran out of things to say. Harhar. Thanks to those who commented again.. fifteen! Another record! =) Much love goes out to all of you.

So cute! ♥
Happy Halloween!