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october na?! sino may birthday?

"Douglas Adams once wrote: 'He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream, and he sometimes wondered whose it was, and whether they were enjoying it.'"

-- One Tree Hill, Episode 2.20: Lifetime Piling Up

I've actually seen some clips and pictures from the first episode of OTH's fourth season already!! :) Waaah. Haven't seen the whole thing yet, though because I want to enjoy it after the periodic tests -- which by the way was moved next week because of the typhoons. I hate it when they move major tests like these. Nasisira yung momentum ko. You prepared for it already, and you set all your plans on the dates after the exams right away, then something like this happens! ARGH. Oh well. At least more time to review.

James and Bethany in the opening credits! So cute =)

I cannot believe that because of Milenyo I realized I am not a slave of my phone. When Globe's signal went down and my battery went dead, I thought I was going to die along with it. But turns out, I didn't. Some (although I don't blame them for it) had to pay for their phones to be charged in malls or just charge their "best friends" in their cars, but me, I survived almost four days without it. Of course, there came a point where I wanted to go hysterical already because everyone else has charged their phones already and in other areas, the signals were back up, so I felt like I was disconnected to the world. But there I was, able to separate myself from my dear phone. I was even able to spend one whole day without even seeing it. WOW. The damages and casualties the typhoon Milenyo brought was immense, and I am very saddened about all these. But I'm glad I was able to see the bright side of all these somehow. Eating leftover food, trying to sleep without an electric fan or aircon, walking around in the dark -- it's so hard to imagine life like this and yet I (and you too!) survived. They make us more human in a way, because the typhoon temporarily detached us from all these worldly things and suddenly we are able to become our most human selves without all these "gadgets." We have our families, our safe homes and friends -- these are what we cannot really live without. Maybe this typhoon is God's way of reminding us that there are much more important things in life. I'm glad this "Peter Pan" thing really is working. And imagine, I was able to think about all of that because there was nothing else to do! Haha =) I jumped up and down when the power went back and I was able to charge my phone again, though. Hey, can't blame a girl for wanting to text her friends again!

We watched Silent Screams a while ago for CLE. It's about this documentary on aborting babies. While watching it, I so wanted to cry. We actually saw how a 3-month old baby was aborted -- crushed into pieces. I was so shocked at how the baby knew she was in danger. She was moving away from the metal stick that was trying to kill her. But after a few moments, there was nothing left inside the uterus but blood. The documentary showed the abortion process through an ultrasound only, it wasn't very clear. But you can still see how the baby silently screamed and cried for help. It pained me to see that. I was horrified. I cannot believe that there are people out there who think abortion is a SOLUTION to a mistake they made with their boyfriend or partner. It isn't the baby's fault, and yet it's the baby who has to take the "fall" and suffer. I know we're overpopulated.. but abortion isn't the answer to that. It's abstinence from sex (or at the very least, protection) that can help. I know I'm not in the right position to judge people who did it, or plan to do it. But it's morally wrong. It isn't right. Enough said about that.

I'm finally happy. And then someone else isn't. Shoot, why can't we all just share the happiness?! Just when I want things and people to be okay.. they aren't. *sigh*

Oh well.

IT'S OCTOBER ALREADY! WHICH MEANS.. IT'S MY BIRTH MONTH!! WOOHOO. SO WATCH OUT FOR A NEW LAYOUT.. and yeah, I think I'll be putting up the q-box again. I kind of miss answering the questions =) Hehe. 23 days to go =)

Got to go eat dinner.

Mom told me not to blog just after I posted this. Waaaah.