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some trust in pain, some just get away.

I LOVE The Fray. Have I mentioned that lately? Every time I listen to their songs, they just take me away. The title was from their song, Vienna. Listen to them, people. It's hard not to love The Fray, I swear! =)

Last Saturday, we went to Ateneo to join this youth conference entitled, "Kabataan: Anong Magagawa Mo Para Sa Bayan?" And guess who I saw?

Me and Atom Araullo =)

I cannot believe that the past week just flew by and now it's the 24th! Why is October flying by so fast?! Is it really because I'm having fun?! All the classes are shortened to give way to our Intrams practices, and almost all our minds are off the lessons. Haha. I've been swimming everyday, and I tell you, it's no joke! My arms and legs are aching. Imagine, 20 laps just for the warm-ups! Then we have to race against each other, then practice the relay. And since I'm a backstroker, I always have to count the bars of the ceiling or else I'll hit my head on the wall (which I've done already for a couple of times! Ouch) It's really tiring -- but it's worth it. All the team colors are bonded already, and we don't feel like we're against each other because we basically just see it as play. Hehe. And besides, we get to play in the pool everyday, so who's complaining?! =) The competition's on the 25th so I really have to do my best! Crossing my fingers =P

The first elimination for the volleyball games was held last Friday (Yellow Green vs. Blue) and of course, we were cheering for Nica, Jade, Jem and Aly for the YG! I know, I'm in the Pink team, but heck, I HAVE to cheer for them! I was actually having second thoughts because I have this tendency to jinx the people I'm cheering.. but I guess it didn't work this time! Nica was on a roll out there. Haha =) And yes, they won! Go YG =)

I love love love love love this picture of Nathan and Haley! It's from Episode 1.13 where Nathan was teaching Haley how to do a free throw. It was sooo cute! I wish I had Nathan with me during our basketball. Tsk. =)

I look at myself in the mirror and I say, "Wow, in a few days I'll be turning fifteen already." And to some, fifteen is this almost-adult age where you have to act all lady-like and demure. Fifteen is when you start thinking about your course, your future, your life. Fifteen is when you let go of all the immaturities and start to grow up. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but that's how fifteen feels like to me. And somehow, I don't want to be fifteen yet. I'm a kid! I'm a seven-year-old trapped in a teenager's body. Just thinking about growing up and acting all Maria Clara-ish is not so much of a fun time for me. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to be treated all grown-up and be independent too, but I guess I just don't like the feeling of people expecting so much from you as you grow older. I wish we only age when we're emotionally ready to handle the stress that comes along with growing up. I wish the digits can descend when we start acting childish again. But I guess part of celebrating your birthday is accepting the fact that another year has gone and a new one is about to unfold. And yes, I am the "I-can't-wait-for-my-birthday" kind of person. In a few days, *ehem*two!*ehem* I'll be blowing my candles and I'll be really turning quince. What may happen to me or what will be left of me on the fifteenth year of my bizarre life, we'll never know, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see. So to another year of my life -- I hope this one brings more happiness. Or rather, more strength to continue being happy! I mean, come on! Why suffer when we can all party and have fun?!

Love these shirts!
They were worn by Haley on various Season 3 episodes.
Anyone want to give me these as a birthday gift?!
Please? =)

Wanna send in your birthday wishes? I'll be happy to hear from you! Click.

No classes today so I have to make sure I spend the day right -- by surfing the 'Net! Haha. Besides, no more assignments for me because on Wednesday we'll just be practicing for the Intrams which will start on Thursday! (YEP, I KNOW, INTRAMS ON MY BIRTHDAY!!) Then after that, sem break! Yeheyy! =) So yeah, this post is pretty much legal. Hehe.

By the way, thanks to ALL those who commented on my previous post. Thirteen! That's a record. Hehe. I appreciate them all, thankyouverymuch. Keep 'em coming! =)

Love to all.
Mwah mwah!