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eleven, twenty-three, six. OH YEAH.

Okay so I am back, but with no permanent computer yet. I am here at a nearby net shop supposedly doing my Computer assignment about Object Oriented Programming and ended up blogging and doing some OTH "researching" instead. Haha =)

Today was a pretty big day for me, and with my friends. We were sort of falling out from each other, and I remember feeling that I was losing touch with my friends. But today, something happened. We realized how important we really are to each other. I wouldn't want to dwell so much on how it happened, but I'm glad it did. We needed that so much. And now, I have this very good feeling that things are really going to be okay. Hopefooly. =) Love you, Hopefools. ♥

The other day we had a school promotion in our school. College of St. Benilde, La Salle and St. Paul University Manila came and gave us ideas on what path we would lead in college. And a part of me still wants to believe that it's too far away. It isn't something I have to worry about yet. But the truth is, it is just around the corner. And it really excites me, but it scares me too. This is such a crucial year in our lives -- we'd have to think about our careers already. At 15 years old, I have to decide about what I'd be for the rest of my life! My course in college will lead me to my career, my work. And it's sooo scary!! WAAAAH! =) I hope I'm not the only one freaked out about this.

I hate blogging at this net shop. I can't blog peacefully! I think the kid beside me is reading what I'm righting. And some other group of boys are singing that Boom Tarat Tarat song that drives me nuts. ARGH. I hate that song.

In one week, my mom and dad will be coming back home! =) It's hard when your parents are practically on the other side of the world and I can't get a hold of them. I wanted to call my mom so badly about the school promotion, but I couldn't since it was early morning in Nevada. Oh well. At least I get to spend some bonding time with my grandparents and tita =)

We'll be shooting for our MTV (Math TV) music video on Saturday. EXCITED na ko! =P

I'm falling even more in love with Nathan Scott. With the happiness and bliss he brought me today, I can't imagine life without him. HEHE =)

I LOVE THIS DAY. 11-23-06. My three favorite numbers. HAAAY =) Bliss.

psst ♥

"Flying along, and I
Feel like I don't belong and I,
Can't tell right from the wrong, why,
Have I been here so long

In a city of devils we live
A city of devils we live."

-- City of Devils by Yellowcard