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oth is my drug. it's my therapy.

Have I mentioned that lately?

Things have been not so good for me these past few days. Lots of things have been happening -- confusion, doubts, resurrection of the past. And yes, though I have been good with my usual Barbie face (aka happy smiling face) it is really hard to mask the sadness. I needed something to make me feel okay, to let me know that things are going to be alright.

Guess what? One Tree Hill healed my wounds.

Okay, so maybe not completely healed them. But maybe licked them a little bit, and now I feel so much better. It's ironic how I find strength in a TV show, something that isn't even real, something that is only seen on screen and will probably never happen in my life. It's funny how I the characters in the show make me go on with life, when they're just acting and pretending to be those strong people on the show. It's weird how I can relate so much to the show when it's so different -- the culture, the people, the situation. I'm not a perky brokenhearted cheerleader, or a tormented artist or a wife of the hottest basketball player in school, I wasn't a child out of wedlock, my dad isn't the mayor of our town.. and yet, I feel connected to them. Somehow, when I watch OTH, I feel so much better.

Though I think all that I said above sounds pretty insane. Haha.

I swear I am so blissed out.

How can I not love these two?
I know my layout is so Brucas, but nothing can beat Naley.

The exams were okay. Everything I studied for appeared on the test, and I (hopefully) answered all of them. Crossing all my fingers! I really, really want to do good again this quarter because a.) I want my parents to be really proud of me. b.) I want to be proud of me. and c.) I want to get into UP. Really. Since the third year grades are the ones submitted to colleges, I have to really do my best so that I can get into my dream school. =)

Speaking of the future..

My lola went to the Career Talk seminar to get the results of my career test. And she was laughing her head off when my highest was Clerical. Meaning doing office stuff like answering phones, receiving letters, the whole enchilada. Growing up, I loved going to my mom's office and making kalikot to all her stuff. So I guess that explains the result. Anyway, second highest was Communication which isn't really surprising. I actually thought that will be my first. And third was Skilled Arts. HAHA. Then my top three courses were: Accountancy (sooo meant to be! My mom would be so happy! Hehe), Industrial Engineering (another course me and my mom like for me), and last is Business Management. Or is it Psychology? I forgot. Anyway, the results were good! I'm happy! At least now I have a clearer path ahead of me. One more year, and I'm off to college! CAN'T WAIT.

I'm actually feeling Peyton-y right now because I'm at Netopia and using the webcam. Haha. I'm talking to my best friend (aka the Lucas in my Haley life) Rex, and yes I think he's laughing his head off right now. What, with all the facial expressions I make even when I'm only typing?! HAHA.

WOW this is quite long already. I missed blogging so much, I forgot the time! Hehe. Well I guess I should be going, seeing that I still have to surf other sites and squeeze some bloghopping in my limited net time. It feels great to be back in the blogging world again, typing my life away. HAHA. I promise I'll blog this week because I swear, one more week without the computer and I'm going to burst.