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I'm here at our CAI Lab for our English class, supposedly researching for a diorama, but of course I wouldn't miss this opportunity to blog especially since our computer at home is broken. Anyway.. yesterday was our assembly and I'm thankful that my hard work paid off. It's such a great feeling to finally be able to get what I deserve -- haha. Feeling. Of course, there's always room for improvement, so I'll try my best-est for the third quarter. =)

Okay, so everyone is playing songs on their speakers. And beside me, Mikka's speakers are blasting Collide by Howie Day. Waaah. I love this song. =) The other day, I heard it on the radio, then on Scrubs (during my marathon), and on The Perfect Man (on HBO).. three times! Is this a sign? Hehe.

My mom and dad will be leaving next week for Las Vegas -- yep, for the Pacquiao-Morales game! My dad won a ticket, so they'd be leaving me home alone and they'll stay there for two weeks!! WOW. I want to go so baaaaaadly but of course, I can't because of school. My iPod is irrepairable by the way -- sad, I know. But because my parents are so proud of me because of my grades (haha!), they might buy me an iPod Nano or video! Yehey!! =D

Our Long Tests are next week already so, I really can't blog because I have to study for it. Wish us all luck! =)

Gotta go.
Love to all.