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what? school on monday? NO!

I'm here blogging at my mom's office. Our computer at home, for some weird reason, died yesterday while I was in a middle of a Friendster-profile-making session. (Haha, part time job?) It's a good thing I was able to upload the picture already. Hehe =)

Anywaaay, my November 1st was great -- just great. We went to the cemetery as usual, and guess what? It rained. It's a good thing I had my neon-green umbrella with me, so I thought I was going to be okay. But the rain poured really hard and soon my tiny neon-green umbrella wasn't shielding me anymore. In fact all of us were soaking wet already! It was a good thing the family beside us had a tent, but God knows how many people tried to fit themselves inside that tent. We decided to go home already since it was late anyway and there was nothing better to do. To my (and everyone else's horror), the cemetery was flooded. See, we were on a pedestal when it rained so we didn't really notice the water going up. We had no choice but to brave the flood. I tried my best to be brave, but every time I saw or worse, felt something weird floating beside my feet I wanted to shriek! But I kept my cool, and instead just walked as if there were no unidentified floating objects in the dirty water below me. Anyway, we got home safely (thank God) and yes, call me maarte but the first thing I did was wash my feet and bathe it in alcohol. It was the yuckiest thing that happened to me, but when I look back now, it wasn't so bad. My family and I bonded (if you could call shouting together and walking side-by-side out of fear we might get lost in the crowd, bonding). Maybe it was destiny's punishment. Or maybe it was just our dead relatives' way of saying, "You weren't visiting us enough so here's what you get!" Haha. I don't think they're too mean, though. =)

Fractions speak louder than nerds. I read that line somewhere and it cracked me up. Haha =) I don't like fractions that much, though. Last night I was finishing our 30-item Algebra assignment on quadratic equations and I hated the fact that problems with fractions took a longer time to solve but appeared to have simpler and shorter answer. Great, I really am a Nerd with a capital N.

I've been on a Scrubs marathon for the past few days now. I. Love. JD. Dorian. He seriously cracks me up. Actually, watching the show made me think about being a doctor someday for about -- a minute. Haha. I really don't want any blood or poking or science in my future career. =)

Ate Patty tagged me and now I'll be writing 9 weird things about me. Then I'll tag other people too! =) This is going to be hard since I have 1000+ weird things about me, but I'll try my best to narrow it down to the Top 9. Haha. =) Here it goes:
  1. I always try to find a way to spell my name in scientific calculators. This is something I cannot help doing. When I get my hands off a scientific calculator, I'll try and try to find characters that will eventually form the word Karla, though of course I don't always succeed.
  2. I have this tendency to stop whatever I'm doing and stare when I see smooth and white underarms. Let's face it, who doesn't want those underarms?! And yes, I know sometimes they're Photoshopped to make them appear smoother on TV but when I see those underarms in person -- WHOA.
  3. When I wear my shades at home, I pretend I'm a Hollywood superstar. I talk to myself in the mirror in a snooty Paris-Hilton voice, "That's hot!" afterwhich I'll decide if I will take pictures of myself or just sleep.
  4. When I like something, I really like something. Take One Tree Hill for instance. I researched about it like crazy, and the next thing you know I'm an owner of at least two sets of OTH dvds and a Mrs. Scott wannabe. Yeah, I know. =)
  5. I like ube as in halaya but I hate ube ice cream. It tastes different to me! Really.
  6. I like Joel and Hilary together. I know, I'm not a Hilary fan and not a huge GC fan either, but when I look at them together, I feel okay. They look so sweet. Like the good girl "tamed" the bad guy. (Maybe this is because of the Nathan-Haley story.. haha)
  7. I laugh with no reason. One time, during swimming practice, I laughed while swimming AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHY! Tragic, I know. Haha.
  8. When things aren't going my way, I imagine I'm in a soap opera and something really dramatic will happen. Like someone will come out with a gun, or I'll slap someone, or I'll be confronted by my long-lost sister. I don't know why, but it somehow makes me feel better. =)
  9. I like doodling on scratch papers. Be it a quiz or test, I can't seem to think well if I don't doodle my name or song lyrics or anything I want to write down on paper. Trust me, a Karla-written scratch paper with no emo things written on it does not exist.

I tag Janine, Pot, Cathe, Andrea, Pauline, Dootzey, Larissa, Lark and Donya Quixote.

gotta love them.