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i'm on a jingle bliss.

A year ago, Santa gave me the complete One Tree Hill Season 1 & 2 DVD set! I soooo loved him for that. Sometime around the end of November, my addiction for OTH started. I can still remember the first ever episode I watched, and right then and there I knew I was going to love the show, especially Naley. I remember praying and wishing to get OTH dvds for Christmas.. and I did! On that same night, I started my first ever OTH marathon. Two to three episodes a night! Well, look at that. A year later, and what have you got? A super-crazy-addicted-obsessed fan. =) And it's all thanks to Santa Claus. So.. what did "he" get me this year? HMM. I wonder. I hope I'm still on his Good Girl List this year. Well, let's just wait and see until tomorrow morning! =)

Anyway, I know my blog has been pretty boring lately, because I've been MIA. Haha. I just really didn't have the stories and the time to blog, so I really apologize. Plus, I really want a new layout. I love this skin and all, but it seems like it bothers me so much that I didn't make this one. Kinda weird, I know. HAHA. Hopefully by 2007 I'll be having my creativity back again (if I can call it that!)

SO.. this is my Christmas gift to you, my very very very loving visitors.. it's a video of my favorite band, The Fray performing my all-time favorite song Look After You from one of their concerts. I swear, this version gives me chills every time I hear it! It always makes me feel alright. Just thought it would be worth sharing. ENJOY =)


Hope you don't forget that this season really isn't about us,
but it's about Jesus coz it's His birthday!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!


where the heck have i been?

I've been on a mini-hiatus, if I could call it that. I just needed a little break that's all. And besides we had our periodic test and we needed to finish some projects, so I practically had no time to blog. Anyway, it's all over now and it's our Christmas break already so.. yeah, I guess I can say I'm back. =)

I have to say that the 3rd Quarter is the hardest of all the quarters. It's the shortest, but it's the most nerve-wracking one. Teachers cram up projects in five short weeks (yes, in the Paulinian world, five weeks is short) and they squeeze in so many lessons and chapters thinking that we're so activity-free. HAYY. But we're not. I'm just glad it's over. Still keeping my fingers crossed as usual, I need to have good grades this quarter, or else: bye bye, dream school.

Christmas Party. It was.. fun. Just okayy. Thank God for the elephant ears LA gave me. =) Received lots of elephants!! Ohyeah, I'm in love with them. <3

I'm here at my mom's office, by the way. It's their Christmas party.. and as usual, lotsa food and lotsa kids. I remember being one of those little tots running around and ending up all sweaty after an excruciating game of hide and seek. And now, I'm the boring dalaga sitting in front of the PC with no one to talk to. Well, the little kids I used to play with before are here, but well -- you know how teenagers are, shy-shy. HAHA. =) Sarap ng cheesecake! *yum*

CHRISTMAS NA ON MONDAY?? Parang I don't feel the Christmas spirit yet! Hayy. I hope I landed on Santa's nice list this year because I need a present! =) I need an ehemiPodehem HEHE

Sorry for this nonsense post.. I'm just not my usual self these days. it's like I have nothing to say! Writer's block? Hmm.

Love to all. Mwah mwah


just a quick one..

I'M BACK! Our internet connection's finally fixed! But I'm using my dad's old laptop because our PC is still broken. Oh well, at least!

I'll make this one really short because I still have to do that stupid Filipino assignment.

I changed my layout, as you may have noticed. But I didn't make this.. I got this from BlogSkins, made by Heroine. I looooved this one the first time I saw it! Anyway, I got tired of the Brucas layout already, and since I don't have Adobe in this laptop, I just decided to have one from BlogSkins. So there.

My mom and dad arrived last week, by the way! And yes, I finally have my Friends With Benefits album and the much-awaited Gossip Girl 10!! I finished reading the book already (IT WAS BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!) and the CD has been on my player ever since. They also got me new shoes, clothes, a keychain with Nathan on it, and lots of other things. Another balikbayan box will be arriving sometime before Christmas, so dami ko talagang pasalubong! =)

Our MTV video is finally done! Nica said it was so cool! I can't wait to see it! Hope we get good grades on that one..

It has been raining all day and it's really chilly! I love the rain, really I do. And I love the tranquility and calmness it brings. Haayy. =) I feel so emo na naman. Haha. Well, I should stop, because I still have to do my assignments and review for our PT, which by the way is just a few weeks away. Tapos.. Christmas vacation! Yeheyy! =)

More later.
Love to all!
Mwah mwah.

When it's Nathan, everything else just fades away!


da-deyy, i wauhnt a pow-neyy.

WOW. It's December already? My, my how time flies!
Forget the title, that's Veruca's infamous line from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that Trixie and I have been impersonating these last couple of days. Haha. Can you hear her saying it? It's like a last phrase syndrome! WAHAA.

My tita and I are in Netopia again and obviously I have to take this opportunity to blog about MANY things since the future of our PC at home is still uncertain. We braved the storm -- okay actually, just the winds -- so that we could get our hands on the lovely Netopia keyboard and our eyes on the beautiful flat screen monitors. HAHA. =) I have many things to say, so let me begin with..

AN ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICA! =) Nica is almost always mentioned in my post because she is one of my closest friends ever, and she is my OTH supplier. Haha. She burns the new episodes for me and she is also my partner in vanity since we love taking pictures of ourselves. Haha. Nica is this super kulit person who is always hyped and excited. Nothing can get in her way. She is an extremes kind of person. You'll never find her in the middle -- either very happy, or very sad. But more often than not she is very very very smiley and the queen of boisterous laughter. I'll not be keeping this long.. so I guess I just wanted to say: NICA THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! From the kulitans to kurutans.. haha ang drama. Just read my reco letter again na lang. HEHE. Mwah! =*

Moving on..

We had no classes since yesterday so I have been on a Scrubs-OTH marathon. It's kind of a headache-y actually since every hour or so, I'll change the show. But hey, who's complaining? As long as it's my two favorite shows. Anyway, they got me thinking more about life.. especially Scrubs because it's set in a hospital. I wonder how hard it must be for doctors to lose a patient they were so desperately trying to save. And the hardest part is that they have almost no time to really get over it, because patients just come and go so quickly. I guess that is another reason why I can't be a doctor (aside from the fact that I hate Science) is that I tend to attach myself to people and if I lose someone just like that, I can't do it. I'll go crazy. Anyway, it's a good thing Scrubs is more on comedy than drama, or else I'd probably be bawling my eyes right now.

I miss new One Tree Hill episodes. I can't wait to know what will happen! I've been reading OTH news, and it seems like they're on a roll! They've reached their highest ratings ever! And they have been the "power shows" of The CW together with America's Next Top Model. This is great news! And I really think it's because the story is getting juicier every week. For those who haven't seen Season 4 yet, you are missing out on something. REALLY.

I hope the typhoon Reming won't bring any more damage to our country. I don't think I'd want another back-to-the-stone-ages-no-electricity thing again. And aside from that, I really don't want to see destroyed homes and damaged lives on TV again. It's very saddening. Let's just all pray for everybody's safety. I think that's the best thing we can all do.

On the lighter side of things..

Have you guys seen the latest iPod killer? And they're saying it really is a threat to the king of players. It's the new Zune from Microsoft, and I tell you, when I read the features on my newest T3 magazine (I sort of got addicted because of my dad.. hehe) my jaw literally dropped. Wireless earphones, Wi-fi enabled, a three-inch screen and can be connected to an Xbox. Now that's what you call a THREAT. I'm not sure if it's out here in the markets, and if it will really be able to overthrow the iPod family from its thrown, but I'm telling you it's another Microsoft vs. Apple war yet again.

So, the question is:
Zune or iPod?

I still love Apple though! Have you seen the yummy-colored Mini-inspired Nano? And the new iPod shuffle? And the 80GB iPod? Apple certainly isn't giving up.

Okay enough about the tech talk, I'm starting to sound like a geek again.

I spoke to my parents yesterday. And guess what? My mom bought me the Friends With Benefits album (yehey!), the 10th installment of Gossip Girl "Would I Lie To You?" (double yeheyy!) and a 2007 One Tree Hill Calendar!! YEHEEEEEYY! =P She said they also have lots of other pasalubongs for me and I can't wait! They're arriving tomorrow night I think? Or maybe early Sunday morning? I'm not sure. I really really missed them!

25 days until Christmas.
Have you been good this year? If you are, well better start writing your Christmas wishlists because you sure don't want to miss out on Santa's toys, right? =)